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((B075 Robert Jenkins begins))

Thankfully for Rob, the mourning and anger time was over. Of course, at first he threw a lots of screams and curses toward the world, God and, of course, Danya. But several minutes later, initial anger worn off, and his most precious allies on the court came back - resolve, determination, a will to win, and also in this case - a will to live. He had to make it. He sacrificed too much of his life just for this one goal - make his way into NBA, and nobody will stop Rob from reaching it, especially not a fucker like Danya.

While still in the woods, Rob sat down for a while to calm down and create a plan he should follow during those next few weeks in the best case scenario or during his entire life in worst. He quickly come up several rules which would be later known as 'Rob's guide to survival':

Rule 1: Never give up
Rule 2: Use everything you can to your advantage.
Rule 3: Arm yourself
Rule 4: Team up only with strong people, and even then DON'T TRUST THEM.
Rule 5: Never give up
Rule 6: Play smart. Know when to step back before placing yourself in dangerous situation.
Rule 7: Never give up.

Apart from rules 1,5 and 7 which were in effect all the time, Robert made use of rule 2 first when he found Kevlar Vest in his daypack. It wasn't a weapon, but since the Vest was probably the best non-lethal assigned object, Rob considered himself pretty lucky. He put it on immediately and covered with his Minnesota Timberwolves A-shirt. With this kind of clothing it would be very difficult for anyone NOT to see it, but who knows, maybe someone will forget about it in the heat of (eventual) battle.


Fast forward a few minutes, and Rob left the woods. Or rather left the 'tree' part of the woods, as the place he found himself in was probably a part of this forest at some point. But now... It was just an empty space serving as a testimony to human greediness and killing potential. Not that Rob cared about it in any way, but he could use some better cover than a few fallen logs.

Suddenly, the previously silent air, was filled with a scream made of anger.

"I hate this stupid island!"

Rob quickly changed his stance into low profile, crouched behind a three logs making a little pyramid. It was still problematic with his posture, height and not very comfortable kevlar vest to hide behind them but he managed it somehow.

After getting into position, Robert scanned the surrounding to find the source of the scream. In such an open field it wasn't really hard.

A girl sitting on the ground, armed with a... Hockey stick. Looks pretty harmless.

Rob's evaluation process eliminated the girl as a potential ally, but since she didn't look like a threat he decided to take a risk and approach her. That hockey stick would be a better weapon than his bare fists (even though Rob had much better fighting experience with them, rather than with a sport tool), and the situation looked like a perfect 'give me that' opportunity.

Was he planning to kill? No, definitely not. He wasn't even half as twisted to think about it. He was ready to do it at some point, as it would be impossible to win without it, but the less blood on his hands, the better.

No, he wasn't planning to kill. He was planning to act like a jerk though.

"Hello there, fellow Island Hater." He said to the girl without smiling. "Is there any... Problem?"
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