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Isabel leaned forward on her knees with her elbows on the ground, clutching her head.

Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why are you so stupid? It was a mirror.

She glanced around her and found several replica girls clutching their heads and peering up at her.


Isabel heard the frustrated cry of a girl coming from somewhere. They were in a maze. She wondered how many others might be stuck in the maze when another voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Stay where you are, make no sudden movement!"

From somewhere else she heard a second male voice.

"Anyone around here?!"

The first voice sounded like someone who meant business. The second voice sounded friendlier. Either way, Isabel didn’t like the idea of sticking around in a dark, confusing maze with that first male voice. Out of habit she looked around to see where the voices came from. Her dark reflections looked back at her in confusion.

She shuffled on her knees to her bag and opened it with the hope that she had been given a good weapon. Isabel silently prayed that the sound of the zipper wasn’t loud enough to bring attention to herself. It seemed unlikely when every few moments a new bang or crash was heard. Something long and metallic brushed against her nails in the bag. She pulled it out and puzzled at what she saw.

This is a weapon?

She couldn’t be sure in the dark, but it looked like an instrument of some sort.

Well that was a bust.

Even still, the thing looked long and felt sort of heavy, so she decided to keep it by her side. She zipped the bag back up and slung the strap over her shoulder. Slowly, she started walking forward with her empty hand flat against the glass to her side and her instrument out in front of her to prevent her from running face first into another mirror.

I just need to be quiet. I need to find a way out of this place.

She bent down low as she walked and took slow steps to make sure her movements made the least noise possible. She turned a corner and the end of the trumpet tapped the glass. Isabel turned and went the other direction, trying to keep straight in her head which turns were dead ends.

It’s okay. Stay calm. You can get out of here.
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