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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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No sooner had the word "miracle." left Ema's mouth, did fortune decide to give her a small one. Free from an unchallengeable position or a free ticket home, but considerably better than a sneaky bastard killing her from behind, so all in all Ema felt quite grateful for the non-hostile, if a little unsettling, voice she heard.

"Don't fire. I'm friendly."
'Well halle-frickin-lujah." was the very first thing that went through the young girl's mind. She drew her legs back up onto the dock and climbed to her feet, careful not to let her legendary clumsiness turn into poor balance, as the shallow water certainly didn't look friendly, if it had done that sort of damage to a sailboat.

She turned around, her left hand hanging loosely at her side, whilst her right had taken hold of her daypack whilst getting up. The girl approaching her certainly looked friendly, a few inches taller than her, kind of sad-looking, and with an awesome blue streak in her hair. Ema was pretty sure she'd seen this person before, but couldn't quite figure out why, other than the obvious. So, assuming she could take Eve at her word, Ema decided to try and break the ice, maybe even put a smile on the other girl's face - there was something about that empty expression that unnerved her, and she'd seen more than a few killers in fiction that shared it. "So," she began, just about keeping a straight face as she asked an incredibly stupid question, "You come here often? Can't say it's the best resort, really." Ema let out a cautious laugh, hoping she hadn't accidentally made herself seem too calm in such a situation.
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