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((G118, Rose Codreanu, start))

Rose Codreanu was not entirely comfortable with her situation. First, there was the bus; having to put up with all those idiots was hell enough, then everyone got gassed and treated to a video of that J.R. guy blowing someone's brains out. And now... this.

They didn't even have the decency to throw her in a clearing. She awoke wedged in between two trees with a day-pack and a box containing a Beretta handgun. She wasn't familiar with the model, but it didn't really matter. If it was bad, she'd trade with some unsuspecting shmuck for something more reliable.

Rose stood up, turned directly to the nearest camera she could see, and flipped it the bird.

Okay, now let's get down to brass tacks. Time to root through this daypack, Rose monologued internally.

The Romanian girl unzipped the daypack and began rummaging through the various items.

First aid kit... survival guide... rations... flashlight... maps... compass... ooh, what's this? A guide on how to use my gun? Rose was a little surprised. She wouldn't have expected a brutal terrorist organization to actually want to help her with this. She opened up the leaflet and saw quick directions on how to use that specific gun; she made a mental note of the most important bits, such as where the safety was, how to load a magazine, and how many bullets the gun held. She continued rummaging through her daypack.

Oh hey, they let me keep my nice duffel bag. How sweet of them, Rose thought somewhat bitterly. She looked through it and saw nothing different; her clothes were there and her iPod was also there. Unlike her friend Joe Rios, who brought an entire week's worth of food in his travel pack, Rose Codreanu traveled light. She ate light in addition, which helped with that.

Now that THAT was over with, the petite girl decided she needed to see if anyone else was in the area, and did the only thing she could that wouldn't make people think she was trying to kill them. Which she wasn't. Not yet, anyways, maybe later.

"Hey! Anyone out here?" she yelled at the top of her lungs. It wasn't as powerful as she had hoped, as the gas was still affecting her lungs, but she figured it was loud enough to reach anyone in walking distance. She had specifically hoped it would reach Joe, as she had a feeling they'd need to stick together, but she had settled for anyone in the general area.
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