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'Where are you?'

Alex slow breathing quickened slightly as the "Rena" girl entered carrying a huge club. Stupid name... where is the other bitch? Her effective range is at least a tenth of normal by her inexperience. Unless he had found a pistol shooting champion.

The girl plodded around aimlessly, his camouflage was perfect in this area. However, no camouflage can protect you from a gung-ho tree hater or the surprise of being discovered.

'Where are you? Who are you?'

She stopped, protected by the open space between the trees. He couldn't see the bitch with a gun and hoped she was still on the beach. If she flanked him and nudged him, the gun would discharge and probably kill him.

He wouldn't be forced on the back foot. Alex wanted them to expect a sniper or a gunman. Hopefully, fear would draw them together and he would disarm the bitch and run. And if that didn't work, the large stones at his feet offered him more possibility of survival than a caffeine high.
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