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(G092: Jacqueline "Jackie" Maxwell. Start)

"Come on, girl, get a grip, okay?" Jackie said softly to herself as she hugged her shoulders, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her knees were beginning to hurt, what with all of the pieces of bark and dirt digging into them from when she fell to her knees in despair at the realization. She never watched Survival of the Fittest, yet there she was, part of it. Probably without a chance in hell of surviving.

The bag that had been tucked up against her while she was unconscious hadn't been touched, and she didn't want to find out what was inside. She didn't want to get any ideas of what kinds of things she would do to her classmates if she somehow snapped. Unless she got killed, herself.

If that happened, then she wouldn't have to do any killing at all. A quick, painless death would be nice.

"No! Don't think about that!" She yelled at herself, not even caring if anyone around her was able to hear. She wiped the tears from her face with her sleeve and placed her hands on her knees. I still haven't finished my script! It's my magnum opus, as far as I'm concerned! Jackie took a deep breath and stood up with a push off of her hands. Her surroundings were dismal, to say the least, but the setting didn't bother her as much as the figure off in the distance shouting his head off.

It didn't matter what he was shouting; she had to get away. She grabbed the bag, which was still on the ground next to her, and began to tip-toe away from him as quickly as she could.
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