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Jon rolled his eyes as Peter listed off reasons why this wouldn't work. Alex responded to him with some point about how they had targets already on them when a new figure entered the field and a feminine voice spoke.

""Hey, guys. Pretty fucked up, huh?" she said as Jon smacked his forehead, he knew that girl, her chest made it obvious. Last thing he needed right now was Charlene Norris to come over. He ignored her as he trained the gun on her, just in case, her type usually made it hard on people like them.

Jon watched as Alex started to write, with his height, he was able to look over the shorter student's shoulder very easily. He nodded as he watched what Alex wrote, made sense as the paper was passed to Peter as Jon sized up the group.

"Look, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we have to be ready for players, somebody is going to be playing. Shit, according to Alex's doohickey, we already lost one, probaly more. I got a gun, which I should point out to you guys is loaded and armed, just in case you think of taking me out." Jon sighed, "sorry, I don't trust you, granted I didn't trust you guys back at Bayview, so yeah. Alex here got some GPS with the locations of everyone else, and you got that sword Pete." turning to Charlene Norris, "I don't know what you got, but I honestly hope you are more than the dumb bitch you seem to be, if you would excuse my bluntness.

Jon sighed as he looked at the trio, "Sorry for pointing it out, we may not escape, in fact we probaly won't escape, however there's people here I want off this island, I'm sure the same holds true for all of you as well"
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