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How cute.
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[Boy #14 - Alex White. Start.]

"This is bad..."

No shit.

"What the hell do I do?"

He had his back against a tree as he sat in the dirt and the grass and the leaves and whatever other detritus was scattered beneath him and around him. His bags were nearby, covered in copious amounts of pine needles and little twigs, probably sticky with the sap from the trees. But that was the same with everything. His jeans, his shirt, his jacket, all covered in pine needles that he was having a hard time picking off; They were annoying and incessantly poked him. There he was, in the middle of god knows where on a show where he knew his life was in rather extreme danger and he was preoccupied with picking pine needles off of his clothes.

"Damn it!"

He forcefully kicked his bags in frustration as he rested his head in his hands, muttering and swearing under his breath.

"Why do I have to be here. I just wanted to go camping."

He kicked the bag once again and put his head against the tree behind him as he stared up at the needle covered branches above him and the sky beyond. He tried not to think about where he was or about what he had seen when he woke up last time. All he wanted was to be somewhere else, but he didn't have a choice in the matter. He needed something to calm him down, something to help him focus. When his hand slipped into his jacket pocket and found nothing, he sighed and leaned forward to grab both of the bags. One was his own, he brought it with him, but the other? He hadn't seen it before, but it was with him, so he assumed it was his. He'd seen the show, but certainly didn't enjoy being a cast member.

He sighed again and unzipped his bag, digging through it in search of something specific.

"Where are they?"

His searching became a bit faster, a bit more frantic and concerned as he started to pull items out of the bag. He checked side pockets and the pockets of any extra clothing, he checked the bottom of the bag and emptied the contents into his lap.


His spare clothes were strewn about the ground between his legs, and yet he still couldn't find that little white container he so desperately needed now. He was so focused on finding that little bottle that he didn't even notice that his cellphone was missing, that his things weren't exactly where they had been when he packed the bag originally. He was too preoccupied trying to find that bottle of pills.

Did I even bring them?

Frustration set in as he up-ended the bag and prayed that the little white bottle would just drop out. But when it didn't, he was dejected. Hell, he was more than simply disheartened at that realization, he was furious and panicked, worried and anxious. He needed those just to get through school and now that he was in possibly the most stressful situation of his life, he needed them more than anything. And they were gone.

"Damn it, they're gone. Now what?"

He slumped back into the tree as he started shoving everything back into the bag. Now all of his spare clothes were covered in pine needles and little twigs, and as he put them away he tried to shake them off. His attention was drawn to the other bag that lie nearby when he was done, and he pulled it into his lap. He didn't know what exactly to expect when he opened the bag. A gun? A knife? Maybe a hatchet?


"....The hell is this?"

Out from the bag rolled the white and red plastic ball. It looked kind of strange. But he didn't recognize it until he picked it up and got a better look at the front of it.

"Oh come on!"


It's a pokeball.

"...This sucks."
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