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"There are patrols in the water. There's probably air surveillance. And then there's these fucking collars. Tracking device, heartbeat monitor, microphone, and remote detonated explosives. This isn't just Danya you're trying to escape from. There's an entire organization behind it, with scientists, engineers, technicians, businessmen, and other experts. How do you plan on beating an organization with just a handful of kids?”

Alex had to frown. Peter had a point. “That's what they want you to think. They want you to think that you're powerless to change the situation. I disagree. I think, from what I've seen of this damn show, that every year something new happens that forces them to revise their design. They believe that we'll follow their parameters and directions. In essence, they underestimate us. They revise their design each time they do but regardless, they underestimate us.”

"Look, you already screwed your chances by talking about an escape plan. They're probably on to you now. Do you know what happened last time someone thought rebelling against Danya was a good idea? People died. Innocent people died. Neil Sinclair. You remember him right? He thought it would be a great idea to whack any camera he could see. Four girls, unrelated to him, died for that. Jazzalyn Creed, Wednesday Ryan, Trinity Sparks, and Melissa Diaz. People will die, but it shouldn't be like that."

“As opposed to what?” he said. “Yes, four innocent people lost their lives. But they were dead the moment Danya chose their bus. Just like us. Everyone on this island is dead bar one person, whoever happens to be lucky enough to win this fucked up game. We're all dead Peter. We're just waiting for it to catch up to us... unless we find a way out.”

He looked over as another joined their group, a girl. He didn't know her. She was one of the cadre of popular kids who didn't associate with his lot.

"Hey, guys. Pretty fucked up, huh?"

He smiled slightly and nodded. “Unbelievably so. I don't suppose you have a lighter on you?” he said.

“There's a way out. There has to be. Something they haven't noticed. Something they didn't think we would do. We just have to figure it out. But you're right. The way out isn't obvious. There's no means of escape.” he said.

“But I have one idea.” he said. He took off his daypack and crouched down, beneath the tall grass, and took a notebook out of his bag. He took out the pen they'd given him with the map and started to write.

“It doesn't matter that they know we're trying to escape. Because we're not. We're trying to get a message out. Take a disadvantage, make an advantage out of it. We're constantly under camera watch. Especially if we keep talking about escape. You think the microphone thing hasn't occurred to me? What do you think all the speechmakings about? If they think we're planning something dramatic, they'll keep watching us, keep broadcasting us. Rebels are good ratings draws, right? With all eyes on us, waiting for us to do something, we can communicate with the rest of the world. If we can figure out where we are, we can get the message out. With a little luck, we can get rescued.”

He tore the piece of paper off and held it out to Peter, keeping it under the grass. “Pass it around.” he said. “If you think it's a good idea, come with us. If you don't, good luck, we'll go our seperate ways. I'll trust you not to shoot me in the back, you can trust me to do the same.” he said to the small group.
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