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((Tabitha "Tabi" Gweneth continued from Falling Sparrow))

Tabi had lost track of time and distance, all she knew is that she had to run; run as far away as she could. As she ran, the swamp began to disappear, and now the world became darker, and foliage started to dog her every move. She began to weave through trees and trip over branches, she could feel a pain in her legs and her entire body was wet with muddy swamp water, but that didn't matter, she had to get away.

Tabi feet soon became heavy, and her steps became more labourous. She saw a light at the end of the darkness though and she urged her feet forwards. She still had her trusty butterfly net clenched in her right hand and she was sure that now it wouldn't leave her hands even if a hurricane blew past now. Her free hand began to use trees as a leaning post in an attempt to help guide her forwards. A familiar sound began to creep into her ears.

I-Is that...the ocean...

Tabi wiped her brow in an attempt to remove the endless stream of sweat the poured down her forehead. The attempt was a bitter failure though as her efforts just yielded more salty water. She breathed heavily as she finally reached the light.

Her guess proved to be correct as she found herself standing in front of a rather tiny beach. She was momentarily captivated by the view, the ocean went on for miles, and there was not an island or boat in sight. Tabi let out a loud sneeze and then the thoughts returned to her.

I'm all alone...

Her breath began to accelerate once more as she turned her head to the left, she saw nothing but trees...

She turned her head to the right...

There was a boy, a muscular boy holding of all things: an umbrella. He was a muscular man with blond hair and a pair of glasses placed on his nose.

All control and care had vanished from her mind. There was a person here! She had found someone!

Her strength suddenly returned to her in the form of a second wind.

"A real live person!" she yelled as loud as she could, and then bolted towards this mystery man and latched onto his back like it was her closest friend in the whole world.

"Th-Th-Thank g-g-god, wh-who-whoever you are..." she cried out. She began to sob into his shirt, relieved that she now had someone here, she didn't need to pinch herself, it wasn't a dream.
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