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Well, she was not sure if that was good or bad. But, in any case, it was worrying. She really was the only one here, and it was in a way more frightening than if anyone was indeed here. On one hand, someone could easily sneak up on her while she was pretty much without sight. On the other... it seemed kind of creepy to know she was the only one there. Chase almost expected to have someone suddenly come out and start attacking her. But to know that she was truly alone for the time being... it freaked her out.

Looking around, she noticed a black object on the ground. What was that? Her hands were hastily placed on top of it, and after moving her hands around, noticed that it seemed to be made of some kind of fabric. Wait, was this a bag of some kind? She found what felt like a small piece of metal on it. Oh! So this must be a bag indeed! It sure looked like one, at least, and it felt like one... maybe it was the thing they mentioned, the "daypack"?

Okay Chase. Don't panic. You will find your glasses or contacts, right? I mean... it's not like they are gone forever...

Chase's eyes started to water again, but she quickly moved her arm to wipe the tears away. Oh, how she wanted to cry. But, she always saw crying as something that people laughed at, and something that made her look pathetic. And she was going to be on live television!

Oh god... people were watching this... right?

Best not to think about that now. Maybe her red backpack was nearby, with all the stuff she packed for the trip. It had to be. Did they let everyone have their stuff that they packed? She could remember putting her glasses inside her bag, so they must be in there. But was it nearby?

Chase attempted to move away a few more oncoming tears, and once her arm moved away, squinted as she looked around to see if it was nearby. Or... maybe it was somehow inside the bag she was currently moving her hands around? That would be weird...

However, she heard someone approach her, and soon they started talking to her.

"Good evening"?

She looked at the source, turning behind her to do so, and saw a human-shaped blur. It had some sort of blue-ish color at the top (must have been dyed hair), and seemed to be a girl, judging by the shape of the blur and the voice that was talking to her.

Oh god, what if it was one of those killer types?! That was not good. Chase immediately leapt to her feet, and squinted at the blur that was now talking to her.

"Uh... yeah. Name's An-Anna. But everyone calls me Chase. It's kinda my last n-n-name, and I kinda like to be called that..." she blurted out. "You aren't the k-killing type, are you?"

Oh god, please don't be a killer! What would Chase do then? She was blind... didn't know where her weapon was... her head was still hurting... there was no way she could defend herself! It would be horrible! Heck, she didn't even know if that bag she had been touching was in any way connected to her, now that she thought of it! Heck, it could have been anyone's, including this girl's! Maybe that's why she approached her!

Maybe if this blur was nice, she could help?

"Hey... did you s-see a red backpack nearby? Because... I kind of want to check something inside it... I'm n-not sure if they let us have the stuff we p-packed. All I found was this b-bag..." She pointed at the bag on the ground. "And I'm not sure if it's mine, actually. I just remembered they m-mentioned something about stuff for the... you know... and I kinda... if you're nice... can you help me?"

She did not tell Blurry Person that she was currently unable to see that well. If she did, what if she took advantage of that fact? It would not be good at all, really. Heck, this might not be the best idea, now that she thought of it. Chase had not been thinking straight ever since she woke up, and maybe... she did something unwise? Her head still hurt, after all, so she could end up doing anything.

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