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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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B046 - Jason Harris Start

Jason Harris had been thinking and he had been thinking for an awfully long while. After waking up in the middle of the logged forest he had sat upright and thought for about a minute. Grabbing his duffel bag he had pulled out his weapon. A strange 5 cylindered gun and held on to it while hoisting the duffel bag awkwardly over his shoulder. Looking around he had moved to the nearest 'safe' location. A pile of logs braced up against a tree. Here he had kept an eye out while he mulled things over.

Firstly he accepted he was stuck in this 'game' and therefore had to come up with a solution to survive. Secondly that the likelihood of escape would be very slim. Jason might be called an idealist, but he was a rational idealist and that meant dealing with reality. He had food and water, light, a map and compass and a; he flicked briefly through the manual in the bag; H&K P11. So the next thing to do would be to establish a home base, find shelter and group up with friends. He needed to play smart, play safe and above all not make and stupid mistakes.

Thinking hard he wished he had paid more attention to previous versions. He knew some students had been carrying unorthodox weapons but he couldn't remember what. He needed to make sure he was prepared. Staring down at the map he tried to familiarise himself with the island. Placing a small pen mark at where he hazarded his current location was he did some quick math. There were about 250 students on the trip. Given the size of the island, and the distribution there was likely someone close by.

Jason paused for a second, touching on the thin band of metal. The collar around his neck didn't bother him, but he knew he should be acutely aware of the danger of the item. Be careful of danger zones. He should head south. Towards the city centre. There would be more people there, but better places to hold out, to plan with others and to stay safe just in case.

His thoughts flickered to his friends and... Erin. Thank god Erin hadn't been on the trip, having to look after her dad she had cancelled at the last moment, but his friends were around. Brook, Nathan, Sierra, Kaine, Maf. He should find them first. None of them would be on a rampage, and he was pretty sure he could trust them. If he couldn't he was screwed anyway, so may as well make that assumption.

Jason shook his head. Stupid mistake. Don't make assumptions. Verify first.

Speaking out loud to himself Jason mentally checked off his to do list. "Move carefully and slowly south." He held up one finger. "Watch out for anyone I come across. Talk if they look smart or friendly, avoid if they are dangerous." Another finger went up. "Find my friends." A third. "Hole up in the city centre in a strong location and figure out a plan."

Grabbing his pack Jason nodded to himself, tearing a small chunk of bread and taking a swig of the water. No sense in being dehydrated or hungry and given the events of the previous versions there would be enough supplies around to last his 'stay' on the island.


Moving southward he heard the familiar voice of a friend.

"Oh..oh god.."

Jason couldn't help but smile. That was Brook. That son of a bitch was right next to him.

Jason mentally checked himself, remembering his mantra.

"Play Smarter, not harder."

Heading over to the voice he saw the form of Brook tucked in next to a pile of logs, looking at a small object in his hands. Jason froze for a second and then took a gulp as butterflies rushed through his stomach. In fact it was eerily similar to all those times he *nearly* had asked Erin out.

"Ok man, you can do this."

Breathing deeply Jason tentatively moved so he was somewhat obscured by a tree, and hopefully protected in case Brook did something a little... unexpected. He knew that his good mate wasn't liable to shoot anyone but Brook didn't exactly cope well with stress and this was a *very* stressful situation. He called out in what he hoped was a relaxed voice.

"Hey Brook, mate, it's me Jason."

Sickness: Partially suicidal... very slightly because of my report, but mostly because Jason is dead. All of my personal issues stem from the fact that Jason Harris did not win SotF v4

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