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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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B053 Teo Weinstock Start


Teo hissed as he threw a small rock to the side of the church door. Placing his front foot forward, heel first, to test the ground, he advanced a step, still half protected by the cover a nearby tree. Braced against his shoulder and gripped with his right hand the football player aimed his modern compound crossbow at Nick's chest. Most people would aim for the head but Teo knew enough that the chest was a more likely shot. And having never shot a bow (apart from the test bolt he fired to gauge speed and distance) before he didn't want to take any chances. His duffel bag had been stashed a few metres back and he had already planned a route to flee by if the crap hit the fan.

Usually at this point he would be told to advance and disarm any threat in his dad's Krav Marga lessons , removing their weapon and disabling them. But given Nick was wielding an axe... thing and he himself had a ranged weapon, it would be best to keep him at a distance, at least for now, until he ascertained the boy's intent.

As Nick turned his head to face Teo the footballer shook his head slowly, holding his free hand up in the universal sign of the stop sign. He then motioned the boy to move towards him.

"Nick," Teo stated, softly but firmly. "We've got a problem. Firstly I'm going to have to get you to drop that weapon you're hefting and kick it over to me. No talking now, just be real quiet. Nod your head if you are following."

Teo paused for a second, confirming that Nick understood what he was saying before continuing on. "Secondly I'm going to need you to do a favour for me. Now, I'm not going to shoot anyone but we need to make sure no one loses their head here. I'm guessing someone's probably in that church, and we need to make sure they come out safely, and more importantly unarmed. I have a plan so just follow my lead and we'll get out alive."

The crossbow wielding student did a quick scan with his eyes over the area, making sure no one else had decided to stumble across the parish. He was hoping his words were calm and reassuring. "I need you to call out to anyone inside and tell them to come out and that you have your hands up and are standing in plain view. If they look dangerous, I'll take them out. You just gotta trust me. We good?"

Teo wasn't lying when he said he had a plan. He had spent a little time thinking it through after he had woken up and checked his gear. It wasn't likely it was going to work, but he hoped, just hoped one of the students would know what to do with his idea. So the first step was to find as many students as possible. If he could drill some sense in to people he hoped at least some bloodshed could be avoided. People panicked in these kind of situations and what they needed was a leader, someone who at least acted confident enough. He'd have to take some risks, but it was better than doing nothing, although... there was always the problem if something went wrong. Teo hoped it wouldn't.

He watched carefully to see if Nick followed his instructions, acutely aware that whoever was inside, if indeed anyone may of heard the exchange, even though he tried to be as quiet as possible.

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