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[G102] Janet Binachi - START!

Janet rolled over and opened her eyes. Immediately, she regretted it. The sun was harsh up above, in a clear blue sky. Not a cloud anywhere in her field of view. She closed her eyes again and tried to think. It was hard- her head was pounding and her mouth tasted of dryness. The smell of dirt and grass was all around her. The only sound was the occasional rustling wind. She felt a shiver of fear go down her spine. Wherever she was, it felt huge. She wasn't usually Agoraphobic, but this place felt even bigger than it was because of the silence. She had heard (and laughed) at the phrase "deafening silence," but this place embodied it.

'Think. What happened?'

She remembered the bus. Getting on the bus. It had been hot then, so hot she had fallen asleep. She remembered the Math teacher giving the speech... but that was before she slept. There was something trying to enter her thoughts. An auditorium. With a jolt, Janet opened her eyes again, gasping to herself. The auditorium, the movie, the voice... that awful voice.... Red. She remembered the red the most, the red that burst from the teachers when they were... were.... She gagged slightly, the memory burning itself permanently into her neural pathways. The sound of the gunfire. It was so loud, even in her memory. She had been sitting near the front. She looked down at herself and nearly threw up. There was... red on her pants, her socks, her shoes. Red all around. She turned away, gagging again. She... she really was....

She had seen the show before, of course. Nearly everybody had. Survival Of The Fittest. She had wrote a report on the psychology involved just a year before. She didn't watch it religiously like some other people did. She had assumed that it was staged. But there was no denying that voice. The voice of the host. The voice of... Danya.... The red, as well. She couldn't forget it. It was ubiquitous on the show, as nearly everyone was bathed in red. She reached a hand to her throat and hesitated. There was still one chance. One last hope that this was a horrible dream. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and placed her hand firmly on the collar.

"N-no.... No. This can't be happening to me, this isn't supposed to happen to me oh god oh god why?" she said, the words coming out before she could get a hold of herself. It was true. She was on the show. Oh god.... What would her parents say? What would they do? Would her Dad call Grampa Louie? Of course he would. What did she think Grampa Louie could do? Even at the height of the Mafia's strength, they wouldn't have been able to touch Danya. If the government had failed for three years, why did she think her Grampa would succeed? Rescue... would not be coming.

So... what did that leave her? She counted three options. One, try and escape. That would almost certainly not work. Two, kill herself or let someone kill her. That was also not an option. That would be giving up, and the Binachi family did not give up. Thus.... Only one option. She had to survive. She would have to be the Fittest. With strengthened resolve, Janet stood up and looked around.

Immediately, the scale of the place she was in struck her. She could see, in the far distance, a forest. All around her was brambles, with clumps of grass poking up. She had woken up near a stump. She could see the tree that had once occupied the stump lying about twenty feet away. The sun was unbearable, beating down on her like a huge bonfire at her back. She felt the feeling of isolation again, staring into the vast emptiness of the area. The lack of sound pushed against her ears, which filled the silence with a slight buzzing. A fly disturbed the silence slightly as it went about doing whatever it was flies did. It's pathetic buzzing seemed to be swallowed up by the huge silence surrounding her. She took a deep breath and began looking around. She had been promised a daypack and a weapon.

It wasn't too hard to find. Whoever had placed her here had a sense of humor, it seemed. Her weapon had been securely driven into the ground, and her daypack had been hung on the... blade? She walked over to it and pulled the bag off the hockey stick. It was a little heavy, but nowhere near heavy enough to be containing enough food. She opened it and looked in, sifting through things with a heavy heart. Her choker hadn't been around her neck, and her searching indicated that it wasn't in here. Then she remembered.

She had left it at home to avoid losing it. It was important to her. Precious. Her grandfather had given it to her as a birthday present on her sixth birthday. She had worn it everyday since, proud to have it. Of course, when she was six it had been very loose. Her mother had had to shorten it with temporary fabric glue. It had nearly started to fade by now, and would probably be dark gray by the time Janet was considering marriage. She felt herself choke up and forced the emotion away. Plenty of time to be upset later. For now, she needed to move. The extra clothes were nice, but not necessary. While it was gross, she could get by just wearing what she was now. There would be places to wash her clothes somewhere on the island, rivers or something. She would, of course, change her panties every day. To do otherwise would just be gross. Her change of clothes would be saved for possible utilization as cast material and bandages.

With everything set and organized in her mind, Janet grabbed the hockey stick and yanked. She completely failed to pull it out of the ground with one hand. Grumbling, she turned and pulled again, falling over when it came out of the ground this time. She looked to the sky and screamed, "I hate this stupid island!"

Whoops. Bad idea.
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