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((G084: Eve Walker-Luther - Start))

Meanwhile, in a small apartment in St. Paul, one Jack Laws walked over to his child and picked her up.

"Here you go, dear... You want a drink? Mmm?"

The small baby almost gave a nod as Jack pulled up the bottle of milk, watching as the greedy guts sucked on it. Eve hadn't called back since the start of the trip. It was almost confusing, but he shrugged it off as her relaxing too much. And who wouldn't? He was starting to realise himself that this parenthood thing was hard. Giving a slight smile, he slowly rocked Octavia. But he wouldn't give it up for anything.

Then the phone rang.

Eve was awake for a while, but her brain refused to make her body move. The sound of waves rushed around her, in the ruined boat, a large wave eventually going over the side and splashing into her face. Wincing, she forced her frame up, giving a moan and crack as she looked around. The endless ocean called out to her.

All she could do was give a slow moan.


She span around slowly, noting the dufflebag. The island. She was on the island.

Her face turned into a sad, longing look. "Oh crap."


Giving a scream of anger, he chucked the phone at the table, bouncing a few times before sliding to a stop. It wasn't possible, it couldn't have been. They didn't take her away. Not Eve. Not her.

Closing his wet eyes, he sat down on the couch, stroking Octavia's head and making sushing noises. Slowly, he glanced at the television.


Squelching out of the reef, bag over her shoulder, she looked around. Nothing of intrest except for that pier. Shrugging, she walked slowly over to it, her seasoaked mind numb. Sent to kill each other. Last person standing wins.

Glancing further, she swallowed as someone in the distance screamed. It seemed they didn't like their weapon. To be perfectly honest, Eve didn't want to check what she got. It would be horrible to get something crap like a ball point pen, even worse to get a gun. Getting a gun registered you as a player. Someone to look out for. Someone that could kill.

Closing her eyes, she reached the start of the pier.

"Don't fire. I'm friendly."

Her voice was empty. Almost as if there was nothing living in it, no will. Slowly, she walked towards the woman at the end of the dock.
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