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Sarah dropped the 'survival' guide back into the duffel bag after speed reading what little text there was. She'd have to go back to it and try to memorise the rules, but that could wait a minute. She finally took a look at the number on the bag. G003. Three. Drei. Sān. Shēng. Birth. It was a shame she wasn't superstitious or she would've been very glad she hadn't been one unit higher.

Okay, she had to admit, she still appreciated the omen.

Other than the book, there was a spare flashlight, food, water, compass, map, the map was important, she was going to have to remember that too; more bread... and a police training manual she didn't particularly appreciate. Most importantly, and distracting herself from yet another... insult... was the medical kit, which she opened up with glee. The closest to glee she could manage with red eyes and covered in... covered in.. covered. Anyhow.

What it amounted to was a weak little smile. She'd been meaning to put one of these together for a while. She easily pulled the zipper around and took note of all the bits and pieces inside. Scissors, gauze, bandages, bandaids... "Hello!"

A voice had slipped edgewise into her awareness and now proceeded to dig itself in. She didn't really mind. It was familiar. Cheerful. Less cheerful than she remembered.

"I'm lost! Do you know what's going on? Hey!"

She might not have looked it, bloodshot and blood drenched, but she was really glad to see the boy. She didn't feel like she could shout just then so she just smiled softly as he approached.

"Hey Dutchy." She hadn't meant to sound quietly devastated. She'd been hoping for calm, relaxed, something appropriate to greet her activist group comrade with.

"OI! Are you two okay?" A british voice broke in before she could think of what to say next. She just looked in the direction of its source, taking in the sight of the strange, moustachioed, beer and fan wielding apparition making his way towards them. It was hard not to recognise Jason even in her state. He wasn't exactly the first person she wanted to see but she was willing to see how he was, if not to jump up and down in welcome.
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