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(G030 - Jessica Pentangeli START)

The first thing that popped into Jessica Pentangeli’s mind was that her cheek burned. She opened her heavy eyes slowly, almost drunkenly. She felt her cheek with the back of her palm. Blood rushed through her body as she woke up. Jessica bit down on her lip as she struggled to sit up. Her body felt so dead. She clenched her fists together as she shook herself off. Jessica thought she was still dreaming. No, she didn't think, she KNEW. Jessica rubbed her head as she zipped open the bag and fished for her bottle of Advil. She didn't found her Ipod but no bottle of Advil. She did find something that made her blood turn cold.

Jessica Pentangeli held the Pneu-Dart equipment Model 176B CO2 Powered Rifle (if it weren't for the darts, Jessica would have confused it with an actual gun!) close to her chest, her eyes half-open. As the full reality of her situation settled in, she wished she had just died while she was asleep. But it wasn’t like she had a choice in the matter. She hadn’t had a choice in a lot of things. The only reason she came on this stupid trip was because Alex, Josie and Meredith Hemmings. Meredith Hemmings for Christ sake. She didn’t participate in anything. If she went on this trip then why couldn’t Jessica? There wouldn’t be any harm in it. It would be fun. Yeah right.

No. That wasn't why she came. Sure all three girls were her friends, but when she really thought about it, she came because Nick LeMonde was going.

Jessica kept her mouth shut. She didn't say anything. In the distance, she could see a figure walking around. The drugs in her system were making her trip so she couldn't tell who it was exactly.

Her thoughts went to Nick LeMonde for reasons she could not say.

Now was not the time to think about him.

Jessica looked down sadly. She didn’t say anything. Jessica was just a nice quiet girl from Minnesota. To be honest she didn’t like many of the kids in her school, downright hated a good few of them but that was normal right? Everyone could say that. Jessica was just a normal kid. Yeah, sure, it would be a lie to say that she had never wanted to kill anyone, but she had never said that in the literal sense. She had never wanted to take a shotgun and blow someone’s head off! Only deranged people ever actually considered doing that!

Jessica’s thoughts turned grim. Where was Nick? Oh no. Could something had happened to him?

She heard the gunshot and she sprang up suddenly. She held the rifle close as she fumbled for the darts. She loaded the dart gun as quickly as an amateur could and twisted around to look towards the figure. Apparently the two boys had not noticed her from far away and had gone about their business on their own. Jessica was deeply scared now and she held the gun as tight as she could. Her head was still groggy. She could only make an outline of one person but not much else.

"...H-Hello? What's going on?"
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