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"Aw, windows are stuck!" Al pulled at the rim of the bus' window with both hands, putting all of his weight into trying to get it open. "Hnnnnnnnn-gwah!" The boy (no one who'd met Albert Lions would ever call him a 'man') slipped, as his grip suddenly faltered, and he spilled out of his seat into the gap between. "Aw... I wanted to..." All the strength was suddenly draining from him. He felt like he was made of noodles. "Stick my... head out the..."







A dream...

It has to be...

Just a bad dream...


B-151 - Albert Lions - Start

Just a... a bad dream... Turbulent thoughts, memories, nightmares, all swam in Albert's head as he began to regain consciousness. The process, which normally would have taken a couple minutes, was hastened by the sound of an explosion from some distance away. "Window!" Albert shot awake, sitting up and looking around. What he was greeted with took his breath away. Blue skies, clean air, a beautiful mountain view, like nothing he'd ever seen before. "Woah. This is pretty awesome!" Rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand, the boy took another look at his surroundings, as he pulled himself to his feet. How did I - Hey look, it's Dougal - get here, though? A moment of thought.

Bad thoughts. Bad. Ones that made Al feel sick. He shook them out of his head. A nightmare. Shouldn't have watched that movie the night before. Not that he managed to get through much of it before he had to change the channel. "Oh, right, I remember! I fell asleep on the bus! Which means... this must be the camp!" Proud of himself for puzzling out the problem, he tried not to think too hard about the other possibility. After all, it was just a nightmare. That never really happened. It's just a show.

"Must've dragged me out here as a joke." Albert's mind reassured him, as the boy walked over to where Dougal was lying nearby. "Hey, Doug, wake up, we're at the camp!" He leaned down, shaking his friend, refusing to leave unti- ooh, what was that over there? Momentarily forgetting his buddy, Al spotted something bright yellow against the green and brown of the surroundings. He scampered (there was no other word for it) over to where the item was, and pulled it up. "A raft! ...huh, looks like it's broken. But why just throw it out?" Al shrugged, and rolled up his new possession, carrying it with him over to where Dougal was hopefully starting to wake up. "Doug! We're here and I found a raft! Do you think anyone will mind if I keep it?"
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