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(G048- Kaitlin Anderheim- Start)

Kaitlin's head hurt. It was the first thing she noticed, and it was woke her up. Then, with a surprisingly quick pace, she realized where she was. On the island. She remembered everything, it flashing through her head. The teachers trying to escape, being gunned down. The man, his cool but joyful tone as he explained that they'd have to murder each other. The video- that horrible video. The boy- Rizzolo, she thought his name was- killing that girl. She reached up, and she felt the cold metal of the collars that both of the people in the video wore.

Kaitlin screamed.

She had never seen the show before, her mom would have killer her if she had. But she had heard whispers about it in the school. It was awful- people- kids- forced to kill each other. But... that boy, that boy on the video. He had been forced to too, surely, but... he looked like he had enjoyed himself. Could there be someone like that in her school? Someone who would attack her like that?

There couldn't be! She couldn't think that... sure, she didn't know the people who went to her school that well, but they seemed... they seemed like good people. No one would hurt her, she'd be fine. She... she couldn't die. Nobody would hurt her. No one would hurt. They couldn't... they couldn't!

Are you so sure, Kaitlin? What about the kids who sneak off to do drugs? What about the kids who have been mean to other people, the ones you've seen? What about people you wouldn't expect? How can you be so sure?

She couldn't think about this right now. It was bringing her down a bad train of thought, and she couldn't think like that. Even if some were bad... she'd, she'd find some good people. But what... wait... it was a show, wasn't it? People were watching... her father. She could talk to her father.

She stood up, and she gathered her thoughts. What should she say? What... what could she say? How could she express how she felt? Eventually, she simply decided to speak whatever came to her mind. She just had to hope that he was listening.

"Dad... Dad, if you're there, it's me, Kaitlin. Kaitlin Anderheim." What now? What should we say? "You- you left me and mom when I was only three years old." She wouldn't say anything what Mom had said... this was about her. Not her mother. Her mother had taken control of many things in her life, but if this might be her only chance to speak to her father, she would let her mother taken control of it.

"But you left me the teddy bear- you remember? Mr. Theodore Bear?" She looked behind her, looked frantically for her bag. She'd brought it with her, but what if- she saw it, lying on the ground. Quickly unzipping it, she was overjoyed to see that Theo was sitting there at the top, his marble eyes staring back up at her, a comforting smile on his face. She gave him a tight hug before lifting him up, lifting him to what she hoped was the camera here.

"I used to play with him all the time... tea parties at first, and then as I got older, more fairy tale stuff. He'd by my gallant knight, and I'd be the princess he had to save from the fierce dragon." She felt the emotion pouring into her voice, and the tears beginning to build up. But she couldn't cry now, not until she was done talking. "It was the best gift I ever got in my life- I love Theo."

"But I miss you, Dad- I miss you so much. I wish you could have been there for all those years." And now the words just began to pour out from Kaitlin, and she couldn't stop them. "I wish you were there when I had my first crush, or when I got my first A, and when I scraped my knee the first time I tried riding a bike. I wish you could have been there so I could talked with you, hugged you, laughed with you- I wish I could have seen you smile. I wish you were there all the times I needed a shoulder to cry on, and I wish you were here now, so you could hold me and protect me and tell me everything's gonna be alright."

"I... I love you so much, Daddy." This was the last thing that Kaitlin said, and then the tears began to pour.

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