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Okay. New clothes. That's a start, right?

Maria nodded to herself, doing a little twirl in her clean clothes. She left her filthy old uniform, along with the rest of her duffel bag, on the ground, picking up her daypack instead. She kept the flashlight in her hand and on- both so that she could see and because it was the closest thing she had to a weapon. She began to walk. Why? Who knew? What else was there to do out here? Sitting, alone, in the darkest part of the woods, with absolutely nothing for a weapon, with hundreds of other kids out there who might have knives or swords or- Maria gulped- guns wasn't going to do much for her.

She was gonna have to get a move on.

Find that hero.

She hated this. It was a sign of how desperate, how hysterical that she was that she was looking for someone to help her. Maria Santiago did NOT rely on others. Ever. But with a postcard as a weapon, what was she supposed to do?

Maria began to walk, taking a look at the map in her daypack as she did so. There was plenty of woods around the island, and technically she could be in any of them, but the thickest woods seemed to be in the northeast. She took her compass out of the daypack, angling herself towards the southwest- the quicker she got out of these damn woods, the better.


She made progress. Turned out most of the woods wasn't quite this thick- soon enough Maria found herself not needing the flashlight. It was still quite sunny outside, and the light shone quite easily through the trees here. She turned off the flashlight but continued to hold it, steadily making her way southwest. Towards what? Who cares? Anything! Anything but this...


That weren't hers.

Maria screamed and jumped, practically falling backwards in fear. Someone was nearby. Someone...either her hero or her killer. Or someone else, she supposed, but that seemed unlikely- this game seemed to work in absolutes.

"Hello?!" she called out, sounding more afraid than she'd wanted to. "Who's there? I...Who's there?!"
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