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((G096 Start))

And then, a light turned on.

For the one the terrorists had dubbed G096, it was better than sitting in the dark. Sure, it wasn't the brightest idea she'd ever come up with, since she was no longer hidden in the darkness of the tunnels she'd fled to. She knew this too, but the fear of someone lurking in the dark was simply too much for her to take. Even if they weren't able to see her they wouldn't have any trouble finishing off this helpless little girl.

Katelyn slumped against the rock wall behind her, running the torch beam around the tunnel she was in. This wasn't good. She knew of SOTF, and of what it meant. What it, up until now, had meant for other people. What it now meant, if she was willing to believe where she was, for her. The fear that had been bundled up in Katelyn's chest came up as a choked sob.

She couldn't kill anyone! Who could? They were all friends! Classmates! Who'd even think of something like that? But it'd happened before, hadn't it? That's what happened the other times. Already there could be someone coming to get her. Katelyn wasn't even sure if she could defend herself when the time came.

With that thought her attention returned to her bag. Her hand had brushed against something strange in the bag. She was scared of what she thought it was. Reaching back into the bag she felt her hand close around the handle of a gun. Her fingers fell on the trigger and she started to cry. This was real. They expected her to shoot her friends. In tears, she drew the weapon out of her bag. The weight and shape felt odd; she couldn't imagine why the gun would feel like it did. Confused, she turned her flashlight down to the gun.


Despite everything, Katelyn started giggle when she saw the white and red shape of her megaphone. That made everything a lot easier.
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