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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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James Mulzet had received a gun. There were many kids who could use a gun. There were plenty of kids who knew that they would never use a gun. However, when James felt the cold metal of the gun in his hand, the round bullets and the dead silence that surrounded him like a heavy fog, James had no idea what to think. He had a gun. They told him to kill or be killed. If he were back home and someone asked him "Oh hey James. You think YOU could kill your best friend?", he would say no. He was sure he would say no! And now, here, on the island where that question had much relevance, he could not come up with an answer. James always prided on having all the answers, but all he had now were questions.

So James just wandered. Seemed like the last thing for a smart boy like James would do. He was the kind of boy who knew what to do at all times. He had plans, he kept with plans. James just wandered, no plan, no goal. He looked down at the gun every now and again. What was he going to do? That was a good question.

James had been awake for a half hour when he stumbled across Ricky Fortino. Apparently the boy just called to someone. It seemed very obvious but his head was in such a state that he couldn't connect two and two. The drugs still hit him hard. He didn't really know Ricky that much, just that he was on the Soccer team. He held the gun tight to his side but he didn't raise it. He just stared at Ricky, lost, almost confused.

"Hey Ricky..."

He let that hello linger. What exactly was he supposed to say? His head was still numb. He turned to look towards the tree in front of him. What the heck was that bag doing on the ground? It took him a second to recognize exactly what it was. It was one of those dufflebags that everyone received. This made James looked down at the bag. The blood was still fresh and he could make out the letters on the bag.

Clark... Winsome? Where had he heard that name befo-

Oh no. He turned around. Winnie was around? Was that blood on her bag? Oh no. No no no no. James didn't know Winnie that well, but she was a nice girl and the thought of her bleeding to death... no, no, but who could do something like this?! James head was still getting a high off of the drugs in his system and this was definitely not helping. He forgot about Ricky. He forgot about everything. He pressed his palm against his forehead, rocking back on his toes. Shit, where could she-

Wait, what the heck? A tiny drop of... something splattered on his hand. It was a very small red drop, and James's hand not been have seen it. This seemed really strange. What if...

James looked up. Winnie was a frail girl, probably had little strength in her arms and she was stuck bleeding up in a tree, holding on for dear life. It was probably the last thing James had expected to see, but it nevertheless made him gasp when the realization hit. Winnie was in danger!

"Oh no! Winnie!" He stammered, dropping his pack on the ground. "Winnie?! Are you okay?!" He looked around, hoping that he would find something, anything that could help but other than the bag on the ground.

James was not a strong guy by any definition of the word but there was something he had to do! He kicked the bag away, pushed his gun into his pocket and held out his arms. "Winnie! Here! Just let go! I-I'll catch you! Just trust me!"
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