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What's going on? Where is this? I don't...ugh, my head...why is my neck so cold?

She stumbled forward, the sun mostly blocked out by the trees, making the area quite dark. But she tripped, a bag blocking her feet. She looked down at that bag, squinting at the sticker on the daypack which certainly wasn't hers.


She remembered the cold feeling on her neck and moved a hand up, touching the collar that she was wearing.

Oh no.

She screamed at the top of her lungs.


Maria remembered it now. All of it. The auditorium, the teachers dying, the announcement...that they were on Survival of the Fittest. God, it's all real...what did I do to deserve this, Jesus? Why me? What did I do...? She was sobbing, hysterical by now. I'm going to die...I'm going to die. All the world's going to watch me die... Oddly enough, that thought calmed her. Not the thought of dying, of course- the thought of being on television. She was going to be famous, just like she always wanted.

Not that this was how she would have chosen to go about it.

Sitting down on the forest floor- grimacing as she noticed how gross and covered in mud she was- she rifled through the contents of her daypack. They said we get a weapon, right? Please be something decent... But there was nothing. Food, water, flashlight- which she immediately took out and turned on- all of that was there, but the only extra she had was a Survival of the Fittest commemorative postcard, the image on the front an artist depiction of Adam Dodd's killing of Cody Jenson. Maria stared at it for a minute. What is this? Is this supposed to be...my weapon?

She almost began crying again. No, Maria, calm down. Don't worry about it...all you need is someone to help you. No problem. Plenty of people will be willing to save you...Everyone loves you. You'll be fine. Maria nodded to herself and looked over at the other object on the floor- her own personal bag. She flipped through it- and smiled. New clothes! I can get out of this muddy...grossness...

Maria pulled out another school uniform, identical to the one she was already wearing except in cleanliness, and started to take off her clothes, praying no one would decide now was a good time to walk by.
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