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((Steven Hunt continued from Feeling Kind of Anxious))

What the FUCK was that!?

Steven Hunt rarely broke out into a run, and when he did it was never pleasant. In a life or death situation on the other hand, the dull pain he always felt while running was seemingly inconsequential. Eric Lorenz, the boy he'd met almost as soon as he awoke, was more or less killed before his eyes. Thrown down a rocky hill onto a chain link fence. There was barely time to react before the killer turned his psychotic rage on Steven, so he took off in one direction, and didn't stop. That is, until he tripped on a root and fell flat on his face. He let out a brief yell that was cut short by his head hitting the ground.

Then... laughing? Who was laughing? Thoughts swam back into Steven's mind with a cavalcade of pain following closely behind.

I've got to get up.

I could be vulnerable.

Who the hell is laughing?

He suddenly became aware of the KA-BAR Knife he'd been carrying with him. Hopping off of the ground, he brandished the knife, looking around for the source of the voice he'd heard moments before. To his left, a boy was sitting against a tree, chuckling to himself with a gun in his lap. To Steven, this guy was either a complete psycho or he just saw Steven trip and fall spectacularly. Steven lowered the knife, noting that if the other student decided to shoot him it wouldn't do Steven much good. Steven brushed his dyed hair out of his eyes and looked down at the boy against the tree. The rush of running for his life had left him a bit speechless, so he had to stare for a moment in order to compose what exactly he was going to say.


He cleared his throat.

"Hey there... Please don't kill me."
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