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The boy Mike spoked to stood up, and suddenly, the Pole felt like an ant staring at an elephant. He was always placed in the lower (hahah) part of the height spectrum, but usually it wasn't a problem for him. But now he had to turn his head up just to speak freely with the guy.

The other boy, despite his enormous height, looked rather friendly, like a bigger version of Mike. Long curly hair tied up in a ponytail (blonde though...), friendly face, blue jeans, black sneakers, almost like a mirror in the fun house which makes people taller.

Just as Mike stopped taxing the boys looks, he got hit with another shocker.

"M-Mike? Is that you?"

Sudden question caught the Pole of guard.

He knows me? From where? Hardly anyone knows me here...

Second later, a correction in his head came to save the day. Hardly anyone knew him PERSONALLY, but Mike was a goalie in Bayview soccer team. This was especially comical seeing as the other boy was built much more like a goalie, and if anyone would have to guess which one of the two of them is a goalkeeper, he would be wrong for sure. Trivia aside, Mike had now an idea how the guy could know him... But he still didn't knew the guy. As always in 'do I know you?' situation, he was really embarrassed.

"Uhm... Yeah, I'm Mike. And you are...? I'm sorry if I'm rude or anything, but I'm from abroad, and most people are still new for me." He replied with a friendly smile hiding embarrassment, and with an accent, which was not comically bad, but it still stood as an additional testimony of truth about his last sentence.

Since it looked like his new conversation partner won't attack him outright, Mike was still acting terribly careless for a kind of situation he found himself in.
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