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"And the winner of Survivor: India is ... Jason!"

Jason Clarke screamed in joy as his name was called out as the sole Survivor. The British Bombshell had come out on top. Tears of happiness started to escape his eyes as he hugged the runner-up - a comely model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. As they ran off the stage, they locked the door as they reached a bathroom, and as they reached a stall, their lips touched, and Jason tasted ... dirt.

Jason opened his eyes as he came to from his dream. He turned onto his left side, looking dumbly at the shore as the night started to re-enter his head: waking up tied to the chair, seeing that video of that girl get murdered, and being told he was to kill his classmates. His hand reflexively went to his neck, feeling the thin metal band around his neck.

"Shit." He sat up, looking around. On his left side was the bag he had packed for the trip. On he right was a regulation duffel bag with the words "MALE STUDENT #16 - JASON CLARKE" embroidered on it. He immediately unzipped the regulation bag, feeling around through the food, water, the map, and the handle.

Did they give me something good? He had fully realized his predicament, that he was essentially on Survivor-to-the death. He was just hoping he would be able to defend himself with his ...

Paper fan. He unfurled it, looking at it dumbly again.

Of all the things they could have given me, they gave me this? What am I supposed to do with it, give someone hypothermia with this?

He stood up, zipping his bag back up and slinging it around his shoulder, and opening up his backpack, feeling around for the metal, and ...


He pulled out the one small comfort he had. One of a 12-pack of Keystone Light beer that he had brought along for the football team. He opened the can and took a swig. He knew he couldn't drink the entire thing: playing drunk was a bad idea, but it would be a good idea to offer up as an olive branch. He looked around, noticing the guy approaching the girl ahead of him. As he zipped up his bag and scratched his hairy back, one thought went through his head.

I have to get out of here. However, he took a deep breath, walked carefully towards them, hands up, beer in his right, fan in his left. and called out:

"OI! Are you two okay?"
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