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Rena nearly jumped out of her skin when the new voice introduced itself. She didn't recognize it, but he was claiming to be stuck. She had the sinking feeling that maybe she shouldn't have said anything and ran instead.

"Rena, you go help that boy if he tries to hurt you I'll shoot him, okay?"

This did not sound like an ideal plan to Rena. Rena did not have a gun. She had a giant club, a fear of blood, and splitting headache. Why couldn't gun-girl go after the stuck kid?

Then again, she wasn't really in a situation to negotiate, was she?

Nervously she made her way towards where the boys voice had come from.

"Where are you?" She paused.

What if this was a trap? What if he was going to kill her? What if they were both going to kill her?

Cautiously, she slipped the club out of her duffel, clutching it close to her chest. She knew, deep down, that she wouldn't use it. She wouldn't have the guts. But they didn't know that. They didn't know who she was at all.

After a second, she called again.

"Where are you? Who are you?" She decided it would be wisest if she didn't move until he said something back.
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