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(B006 - Ricky Fortino Start)

Ricky Fortino was trying to make sense of all this, but it just wasn't coming together in his brain just yet. Yeah, he knew what Survival of the Fittest was. Who the hell didn't know? And sure, he'd watched a bit of it, there'd been this whole debate going on about whether it was real or fake or some kind of half-real, half-fake thing, but by now most people were pretty sure it was mostly real or something along those lines, like it really fuckin' mattered. But either way, he'd seen the show, he knew how it worked.

Ricky Fortino also knew that he'd been drugged on the bus or some shit, and that he'd woken up in this enormous room where some wacko had given a speech about how they were all going to kill each other. It had taken him a few seconds to remember it all after he'd woken up the second time, but yeah, Ricky remembered. How the hell could you forget that shit, unless you wanted to? No, there was nothing wrong with Ricky's memory.

And finally, Ricky knew that he was alone in the fucking woods, and that this sure as hell wasn't the school trip. He'd been given some other bag for one thing, one that had a bunch of food, a first aid kit, and one of those fucking tiny shovel things you dig in a garden with. Oh, and he also had this goddamn metal collar around his neck, and he knew that he hadn't been wearing THAT when he'd set out with everyone else. Not to mention that his pocketknife was gone, his watch was missing, and oh yeah, he'd woken up alone in the middle of the goddamn woods!

So Ricky knew that stuff was screwed up. You would have to be pretty fucking blind to think otherwise. But the pieces just hadn't solidified into a whole yet. The fact that he was going to almost certainly going to die in the next week or so hadn't really entered Ricky's mind. So that might explain why Ricky wasn't panicking just yet. No, he was just wandering through the woods, not calling out, not running, not screaming. He was just... there. Kind of like he always was.


It was probably ten minutes later, that Ricky saw his first trace of human contact since he'd woken up. There was another pack thing on the ground. Well, thank Christ. Maybe now he could get some answers.

Or maybe not. Because as he moved forward, it looked like the pack was just sitting against a tree like a useless rock or something. What the hell, had some other kid just taken off and left it or something?

"Fuckin' hell," Ricky muttered. He moved towards the pack, prodding it with a foot. Were those bloodstains?

Something wet fell into his hair and Ricky glanced upwards.

"Fucking hell." There was a girl in a tree. A girl in a goddamn tree. What the hell was she doing in a tree, bleeding on him?

Well, only one way to find out.

"Hey, girl!"
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