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At least now Peter knew what it felt like when he managed to sneak behind someone and surprise them by talking. His muscles tensed up when the silence broke, and he stopped to look around to find the source. A boy, Peter identified as Alexander Campbell, rose from his hiding place in the tall grass, followed shortly by another taller boy, Jonathan Jarocki. If they had been hiding in the grass, how long had they been there? Were they planning on killing him and taking his sword?
God, could I be any more paranoid? They had plenty of time to hit me and they didn't. They should be safe.
"Fuck," Peter muttered under his breath. He had liked the whole idea of not thinking about the game, of not considering what he'd do to survive and who would be in the way of that. Too many variables. Too many possibilities. The thought of having to face it all at once scared him. And now he was forced to face it right now. This at least gave him something to curb the fear with. Now Peter could also be pissed at his own weakness, pissed at his situation, and pissed at those two idiots who forced him into this.

Slowly, Peter let his heavy backpack slide off his shoulders as he listened to Alexander talk. The two of them didn't seem like they were hostile, but if anything went wrong, he'd need to be able to move. At first, it was just the standardized glurge of "I'm not playing"s, but when Alexander said he wanted to escape, Peter's opinion of him just went out the window.
"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." Seems oddly appropriate.
"Ha. Ha. Ha." Peter really could not believe that Alexander Campbell, a fairly sharp knife in the drawer, would think that an escape plan could hold any water. "There are patrols in the water. There's probably air surveillance. And then there's these fucking collars." Peter tapped the side of his own collar. "Tracking device, heartbeat monitor, microphone, and remote detonated explosives. This isn't just Danya you're trying to escape from. There's an entire organization behind it, with scientists, engineers, technicians, businessmen, and other experts. How do you plan on beating an organization with just a handful of kids?"
Maybe I should pull the punches? People are less aggravated when not crushed under a wall of cynicism.
A long time ago, when Peter had first happened across Survival of the Fittest, he had wondered about how one might escape from the island under the circumstances. His search on the internet had led him to a discussion about the lengths one would have to go to escape, which summarized that the average unprepared student would have no chance. It wasn't something Peter had wanted to accept, but the truth was in the facts. The same facts that he was now slinging at the two students eager to survive without playing. Peter didn't like the words coming out of his mouth now; he didn't like being the harbinger of bad news. But it was necessary, to keep them from trying something monumentally stupid that got innocent kids killed.
Necessary. Keep thinking that and it'll soon be necessary to kill for shits and giggles.
"Look," Peter said, trying to soften his tone of voice, "you already screwed your chances by talking about an escape plan. They're probably on to you now. Do you know what happened last time someone thought rebelling against Danya was a good idea? People died. Innocent people died." Peter stopped for a moment, trying to remember the names of the previous victims. "Neil Sinclair. You remember him right? He thought it would be a great idea to whack any camera he could see. Four girls, unrelated to him, died for that. Jazzalyn Creed, Wednesday Ryan, Trinity Sparks, and Melissa Diaz. People will die, but it shouldn't be like that."
It's great being all sentimental, but there's something a bit more important and dangerous right in your face.
Peter was observant, but he didn't process all the details at the same time. Sometimes these details were of utmost importance. It had taken a second take for Peter to realize what exactly Jonathan was holding. Maybe he shouldn't have mouthed off at them so quickly. If they wanted to gun him down for refusing, there wasn't much cover in the area to hide behind.
Why not just try to steal the gun? Preferably without killing them. The gun would be handy though.

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