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((B008 - Peter McCue: Start))

Everything hurt. That was the first and only thing that Mr. McCue felt as he slowly began to come to. His back hurt, his neck was stiff, his arms were achy, and it felt like he had a ton and a half strapped to his shoulders.

Oh wait. That last one was actually the case. Being an extremely small boy, Peter wasn't the best equipped to carry large amounts. Granted; he was an eagle scout, so it wasn't like he hadn't carried the occasional over-sized day pack in his time. However with recent finals he was out of practice, and out of shape.

Not a good thing.

He groaned, opening his eyes, rolling on to his aching arms. At least he thought he had opened his eyes. Even with the lids pulled right back, everything was black. He squinted, wondering if maybe he had somehow gone blind since he had gotten knocked out on the bus.

The boy spent no time attempting to recollect what had occurred. He knew all too well. He was on Survival of the Fittest, one of the most atrocious creations known to man. He was expected to kill his peers, his friends, his classmates. His thoughts wandered to Ridley and Luke. Were they alive? They were his only two true friends in the admittedly massive Bayview senior class. And while karmic retribution sounded nice on a level, his head shook vigorously in an attempt to waive those thoughts from his head. A low whisper emanated from his throat, as he brought a dirty fingertip to touch the metallic band on his neck. "I won't stoop to their level... I'll act for what is right." Cliche, without a doubt, and he could never fathom the hundreds who had died sticking by that promise; or lost their minds attempting to keep it so. However he was here, he was in hell, and he could do this the way he wanted.

He was getting out.

He felt the duffel on the ground right next to them. At least this Danya character had been courteous enough to leave him close enough to find his supplies, even if he did have to dump him in a tunnel.

Wait! Is my stuff still here? He reached to his pockets, finding his house keys readily available. Yes!

That was the other nice thing about being an Eagle Scout. He was always prepared, even if he didn't know the situation he was getting into. He knew he was camping, so his backpack already contained his small first aid kit, flashlight, clothes, canteen, and myriad of other things. Survival off of the land wouldn't be an issue, assuming the bag that was making it hard to sit up was his own. However for now, an examination of the duffel was in order. A small light clicked to life from the end of his key chain, a small emergency light attached. Unfortunately, the keys jingled as he adjusted them, his eyes going wide.

I'd better be alone...

Disregarding the noise as lost in the echoes of the tunnel, he flashed the light around. The walls were dank and disgusting, but there was no sign of anyone else. And most importantly, he didn't see anywhere to hide.

To anyone watching, it would appear as if the light had been drunkenly dancing to bad techno. Peter's subconscious was doing it's best to convince him that he was calm and collected, but in reality his body was shaking. His observation of the area was truly haphazard, and the light wouldn't keep still. However he did indeed do a quick check of his new bag, noticing a small watch in the very bottom, almost as if one of the terrorist had accidentally dropped it into the bag during packing time. However he shrugged it off, continuing to rifle through the bag. First things first, inventory. Then, shoot for somewhere that didn't require artificial light to see.

Sadly, that was probably a better plan than most of his classmates had.
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