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((B078 Gary Griffith begins))

Wh-what am I doing here?

Short, skinny, black haired guy asked himself, but he already knew the answer.

"No..." He mumbled silently under his nose... "Impossible."

How could that happen to him? Why? He didn't deserve any divine retribution, he wasn't bad, he tried to be as helpful to everyone as possible, and now...

Well, SOTF chooses at random, and this time it was Gary's turn to prove his survival skills. The problem was - Gary was completely the opposite type of person, than every previous winner. Weak, shy, without any useful survival skills except from first aid, and his weapon... Turned out to be a nightstick. Pacification weapon. Pretty useless considering Island's standards, and even more useless in his weak hands. But that's all he got for now. And then, another realization struck him.

Omigosh, Rein is here as well. And Elaine... no she isn't here. Good.

He sighed with a relief. At least one dear person for him is out of this sick game. But Rein...

I need to find him... He decided in his mind, but he probably should start from finding himself in the maze of red and blue cargo boxes.

"Where am I?" He asked loudly, but only a silent echo bothered to answer him. Looked like some kind of warehouse, but he couldn't be very sure. Unsure of what to do next, he picked up his nightstick, and slowly started to make his way. He only hoped he won't get lost in here... And he won't be attacked immediately...
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V4 Alive:
B019 - Maxwell Crowe (In Transit) - Weapon: Auto Mag 180 (.44)
B068 - Michał 'Mike' Maszer (The Key) - Weapon: Cyanide Pill
B075 - Robert 'Rob' Jenkins (In Transit) - Weapon: Kevlar Bulletproof Vest, M15 General Officers (.45 ACP)
B078 - Gareth 'Gary Griffith (The Warehouse) - Weapon: Nightstick

V4 Dead: None (Yay!)

V5 (Hopefully): No ideas yet ;]

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