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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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It's beautiful.


Jasper-Declan MacDermott sat in silence, his unblinking eyes staring out at the water. The way the reflections touch the water...ah, how I missed the beach. The one true negative to come from leaving New York City... The boy's long legs were pressed into his chest, his arms curled around them, as he watched the water. His innocent pose, and the lack of tension in his body and facial expression, would not have suggested to an observer that he was currently involved in the world's most deadly game. The only clue was the gun, sitting by his side.

The boy had woken up late- or rather, he had woken up late for the second time. The first time he awoke, he was greeted by an unpleasant sensation in his head. It wasn't something he could think of a word for- an entirely new feeling, and not one he ever wanted to experience again. Was it...pain? Jasper-Declan was unsure- he had nothing to compare it to. He assumed it was a dream sensation, something odd invented by his mind, and drifted back into sleep. The second time he awoke, his head felt mostly normal, though he was the slightest bit dizzy. He'd sat up, looked around, and wondered what exactly he'd gotten into now.

Ah. So it was real. Jasper-Declan had assumed that scene in that auditorium- blood and pandemonium all- had been a dream. But the only logical conclusion he could think of- finding himself alone on a beach, a daypack and his own paint-stained duffel bag beside him- was that everything that he'd seen had actually happened.

That he was on Survival of the Fittest.

As is the game itself... Jasper-Declan had never seen Survival of the Fittest. Hell, he hardly watched TV. But he'd heard of the show, through whispers in the hallways, and he'd dismissed it as childish entertainment, reality TV at its worst. Not something he'd ever pay attention to. Not that he had a choice anymore.

He'd searched through his daypack without much interest and was vaguely surprised to find a gun. Most likely I have gotten quite lucky. Though these bullets...they are quite small. And only eight of them...I will have to be very careful. He almost felt bad, being so detached, but none of this felt quite real to him yet, though he knew that it was. After taking a careful look at the user's manual for his gun- a Remington XP-100, apparently- he loaded the first bullet, keeping the safety on. Better safe than sorry, I suppose. His own duffel bag contained nothing but clothing- the only other thing that mattered to him was his skateboard, and that was gone. He was mildly upset by that, but it was not enough to really disturb his natural calm.

And so Jasper-Declan, daypack on his back and gun in hand, had moved and sat closer to the beach, looking out at the water, lost in thought. I wonder...if being shot with a gun hurts? He could only imagine it would. Hurt was something other people felt. Not him. Still, he didn't want to cause other people pain. He'd already accepted the fact that he was most likely going to die. I imagine it to be...like falling asleep. A simple blackout. I wonder, though, if it will hurt beforehand...? Perhaps to others... He sighed. He didn't want to kill anyone. It was easy to ponder these things when there wasn't someone with a big gun, staring you down...

Jasper-Declan's sensitive ears picked up the sound of footsteps, stamping down the sand. He turned and saw two figures in the distance- silhouettes, really, they were quite far away. He looked the other way and noted how long the beach stretched in both directions. He didn't move- if he could see the others, they could likely see him, and if they wanted to talk to him, they could do so. His gun lay half-forgotten beside him.

After all, what did it matter?
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