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((B068 Mike Maszer begins))

Cormorants? Or those were some other birds?

Mike wasn't really good with ornithology. What he did knew, that those screeching bastards woke him up, and for some reason, he had a terrible headache.

Where am I? And what happened? I didn't drink anything in the bus, so why the headache?

Still lying on the sand, Mike checked with his hands if everything is fine with his body.

Everything seems fine. No, wait... My hair is full of sand. Damn it...

Thanks to the headache, Mike was still oblivious to what really happened around him. Also, back in Poland he was completely not interested in games like SOTF, and in America he only briefly heard about it and dismissed it like 'Survivors' or any other Reality show, convinced that it was just as staged.

But that wasn't important. What was important was to get rid of that damn headache. Mike still didn't realize it was a random side effect he got from sleeping gas. He stood up, and in completely normal fashion, opened his daypack in search for some painkillers.

I must've packed something like that, I'm sure of it. Second long-sleeve shirt, 'Catch-22' I forgot to bring back to library, bread, crackers, water will get handy... Bingo, a first aid kit. Oh and, a pill, that must be it... But why only one and in different pocket? And outside of the kit? Huh...

Mike shook his head, and moaned a little. Bad idea. He opened the first aid kit, and found some paracetamol. He took one pill, bite it in half for quicker digestion in his body and drank a bit of a water from the bottle.

Before even the pill effect could kick in, the Placebo effect already started to ease Mike's pain. And with a relief in his temples came the sudden realization. The bus, killed staff and students, SOTF, beach and daypack with large, black letters forming the code-name 'B068'.





Mike cursed his situation in his native Polish language. He couldn't believe it. That goddamn massacre show turned out to be real, and he was the lucky guy to come from Europe exactly in time to participate in it. He left Poland to get away from personal problems, but looks like they were tied to him with a rubber rope and now they hit him hundred times as hard.

Mike checked the surrounding, and spotted the human silhouette some distance away from him. After packing his stuff back, in a completely normal style for Mike, he forgot about every necessary precaution actions and behaves on the island, and approached the silhouette, soon turned out to be a boy he absolutely didn't recognize.

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