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The source of the noise introduced itself: Rena Peters. Ericka didn't recall ever meeting the girl, so it was hard to judge whether the girl was a threat...

... Come to think of it... How can you tell who's threatening, anyway? Does anyone really now another person that much? Actions show who's not a threat, and inaction can have a malevolence all it's own. Since Ericka couldn't see Rena well, she had to consider the girl a threat, Rena had to leave.

Just as Ericka was about to demand that Rena leave, another voice called out from the shadows, a boy from the sound of it. He claimed he was stuck. Ericka glanced back and forth between the locations of the voices. She couldn't see either of them, and she didn't like it.

Either of them could be setting a trap, Ericka thought, or both could... or both together... She didn't know who she could trust. Then she had an idea.

"I won't shoot either of you unless you try something," she decided out loud, " but that doesn't mean I trust you."
"Rena, you go help that boy if he tries to hurt you I'll shoot him, okay?"
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