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B 002 Ethan Kent- Start

Ethan’s eyes flew open. He didn’t have enough time to process anything at all. Not the strange place he had woken up in, not the auditorium, not the death of his teachers, not the game. Nothing. The only thing he felt was an immense panic in his heart. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t see properly; everything was blurred and grainy.

Oh god. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe!

He tried in vain to suck in air but it wouldn’t happen. He rolled over onto his side and a small plume of dust and particles flew up from his movement.

The dust! Fucking cunt!

A few feet away he noticed something that looked like a bag. He crawled to the bag and ripped it open. Inside he found his back pack. He desperately ripped into it and pulled out an orange inhaler. Sweet relief flooded him as he pushed down on the plunger and air began to pass through his lungs again.

He sat panting for a few seconds. Ethan took his glasses and tried to clean them on the inside of his shirt. They were still dirty but he could see much better now. He looked down at his fingers to see what exactly it was he was lying in. The dust was coarse and consisted of rather large particles.

This is….sawdust?

Now that he wasn’t in a state of panic Ethan took the time to remember what had happened in the auditorium.

"Survival of the Fittest", he murmmered.

It seemed unreal. The blurry vision from his dirty glasses even made it seem more like a dream. He looked around at the building he had woken up in. At the corner he saw a camera focused squarely on him. Ethan took he glasses off again, licked them and tried to get them a little cleaner. He squinted up at the camera.

“Sick, fucking bastards.”
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