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The sound of wind whistling past the very edge of the cliffs was only briefly broken by distant screams and the waves noisily crashing against the southern shore of the island. On these cliffs, Steven Hunt - designated "BO33" awoke. He rubbed his wrists. The bonds that he was tied down with were particularly tight. Fucking twist-ties. Always keeping toys inside wrappers. See, the reality of the situation hadn't quite hit Steven yet. At least, not as strong as the knockout gas. Reality would hit him soon enough, in the form of the hysterical BO64 - Eric Lorenz.

For the first time in a very long time, Eric was terrified. His outwardly cocky and bigoted demeanor lent itself to him not being particularly scared of any social situation or fight at school - the few he got into. Now, a genuine danger had been presented to him and he clearly had no idea how to react. Running from the bottom of a small slope on the cliff, he nearly tripped over Steven, who was still trying to figure out truly where the hell he was. Voice cracking, he shouted at the boy on the ground.

"Sean! Or... Steve! Steven! Whoever, just wake up! Wake up damnit!"

Steven only now just opened his eyes to... well, it wasn't a pretty sight. The school's textbook nerd Eric Lorenz was staring down at him. Eric Lorenz wasn't something anyone wanted to look at or be near for any amount of time. His breath smelled of onions and cheese, and his hair was slick with grease. That, on top of the fact that he was just gangly and fuck ugly made Steven shove him away in disgust and quickly got off the ground. He was awake now, and he remembered exactly where he was.

"Oh no... oh fuck, no no no no no no... This isn't... this can't be happening. It's not... oh fuck."

The very concept made him weak at the knees. Being in SOTF - it was a death sentence. If not that, it would be the end of his sanity. Why did it have to be now? Steven was just leaving high school. He was going to go to University - back home! Everything in his life would now lead up to this. This sole moment in time would define him forever.

Or it would end him.

Letting out a sigh, he turned towards Eric. The sickly looking geek had gotten off of his feet and was now standing slightly to the left, looking down a hill towards a large forest. He seemed to be searching for something. Steven noticed a few drops of blood on Eric's shirt... but no noticeable cuts or bruises. Wherever he'd came from, he wasn't alone to start off with. It was then Steven saw the Ka-Bar knife sticking out of Eric's back pocket.



"Where did you get that knife?"

Eric turned to face Steven. The smirk that he'd been wearing all the times Steven had seen him had returned once more. He pulled the knife out of his back pocket, and held it out in front of him for Steven to see.

"You haven't watched SOTF much have you? We were all given weapons to start off with, so when we all go bonkers and start killing each other we've got something to do it with. Some Ruski piece of shit decided he was going to start a fight, so I let him have it."

Eric paused, then added quickly,

"Don't worry, I'm not crazy or anything. I know you guys all think I'm some kind of creepy fucker, but I'm not. Seriousl-"


Alex Rasputin is quite a large human being. At six feet and three inches, he stands above a decent amount of people. He possesses an almost unnecessary amount of upper-body strength and his competitive running has made him very, very fast. As such, those who have seen him play hockey or rugby have seen that he resembles more of a train or a rhinoceros than an actual human being. Pain tolerance notwithstanding, he isn't someone you want charging down a cliff side at you. Alex had followed Eric since a small confrontation in the forest upon waking up, and was hiding down at the bottom of the hill, waiting for Eric to let his guard down. He saw that Eric had encountered another student, one he didn't know, on top of the cliff. He would've caught Eric sooner but unfortunately for Alex, Eric had a knife and used it to slash Alex's face badly. The wound let Eric get away... but not for long. As he saw Eric show the other student the knife he carried, he dug his heel into the ground and sprinted up the cliffside. As he ran, he lowered his shoulder towards Eric and prepared to send him sprawling down the hill.

Alex's shoulder connected with Eric's midsection. knocking the wind out of Eric's lungs and cracking several ribs in the process. The knife Eric was holding simply dropped towards the ground as Eric's arm whipped back with the force of Alex's onslaught. Eric's neck suddenly and violently moved against Alex's seemingly cast-iron shoulder, causing a mild fracture in Eric's jaw. A guttural cry escaped Eric's lips with what breath he had left as he found himself flung down the hill, falling head-over-heels once before he landed, back-first, on top of the chain-link fence. The pointed, rusty ends of the chain links dug themselves into Eric's ravaged back. With a sickening sound akin to the chewing of undercooked meat, Eric fell from the fence. His body weight was too much for his skin to support and it tore as he collapsed to the ground.

Still running almost completely on rage and adrenaline, Alex looked about his surroundings. He stood on a fairly large cliff, rising above an island. The sun was slowly rising above the horizon, coating the land in a dull orange glow. Looking behind him, the ocean stretched to an almost impossibly far distance. The very possible hundred or so feet down to the water's surface was quite visible as well. Despite it's size, the cliff was dwarfed by a mountain in the distance, but it was still a considerable way up. A good vantage point for the rest of the island, though his view to the north was obscured by the forest. Towards the bottom of the hill, two students stood a short distance from the other. The one, a girl, seemed to be just waking up. The other was... kicking a fence?


Steven barely had time to react when Eric was completely shellacked down the cliff-side and onto the fence. He was completely aghast and incapable of forming any kind of response other than to run. Thinking quickly, he grabbed the knife on the ground, picked up the day bag assigned to him, and ran down western part of the cliff-side, over the fence, and into the forest. He completely ignored the two other students at the bottom of the hill, only wishing to be as far from the enraged student at the top of it.

((Steven Hunt continued in Words Can't Bring Me Down))


Alex took several deep breaths. The adrenaline rush was wearing away. He picked up Eric's day-bag and started walking slowly down the hill. Eric lay at the bottom of it, and Alex wanted to see if he had to finish what he started, and to explain his actions to the others. This didn't look good on him, that's for damn sure.


Alex wouldn't have a shadow of a doubt that Eric was finished once he got closer. Eric had sustained massive injuries, with two broken ribs, a minor concussion and the complete separation of two of his vertebrae thanks to landing back-first on a chain link fence. He was bleeding severely from the mouth and the skin on his back was horribly lacerated. Normally this would cause a considerable amount of pain, but Eric was now completely paralyzed. Thanks to Alex Rasputin, viewers at home now knew what happened when a 215 pound student shoulder-tackled a 170 pound one down a rock-laden hill. Because the wind had been knocked out of him and due to the spinal injury he was now incapable of operating his own diaphragm, Eric would slowly succumb to a lack of oxygen and internal bleeding. He remained conscious through the entire ordeal, until the very end. His final thoughts were only of complete shock and terror as Eric would meet his swift end.

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