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Warren rummaged through the pack, looking for anything that'd be of more use for a guy with a broken wrist than a gun. He wasn't planning on going all out murderer, but he figured getting something to defend himself with would be a good idea.

Lunchbox? Like I can use that. Torch? It's pretty heavy but no. Compass? I wis-

Suddenly, Warren saw a somewhat familiar face. Well, he expected them to be, given that it was his school that got thrown in. He couldn't quite attach a name to them, but he'd definitely seen him in the hallways.

"Huh?" Warren answered. He couldn't quite catch what the other guy said, he was sort've far away, "Yeah, I'm fine, wh-?"

The other guy dashed for the gun. Warren tried to grab for it, but he responded too late. Warren got up and grabbed his pack with his good hand, when the other guy pulled the trigger before Warren could turn and run away.

At such a close range, the bullet hit him square in the chest, piercing his ribs and going straight into the heart, sending Warren crumpling to the floor and killing him in a matter of seconds.

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