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They see me walking, they hating
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((G025 Dawne Jiang start))

Dawne's world had turned into a nightmare. The girl who was assigned the number G025 had everything she ever thought was right about the world snatched from underneath her. This was supposed to be a nice little adventure. Go camping with her friends, maybe indulge in some drinking (she knew someone had brought alcohol with them). Spend time with Rekka.... none of that was going to happen any more.

Survival of the Fittest. She had heard the name before. Who hadn't? Most everyone knew the names of Adam Dodd, Bryan Calvert, and John Rizzolo. The ones who survived. The "winners", as they were called. Up to this point, Dawne didn't even believe it was real. She had watched it on occasion, the psychological aspect of the premise intrigued her, but she didn't think that it was real. Just an elaborate set up.

In fact, deep in her mind, she was still convinced of this fact. None of this was happening for real. It couldn't be. It had to be a dream, or an elaborate prank. Yeah, that's all it was. I mean, if it was real, then she would have been given a weapon, right? She had gone through the bag supplied to her, and found nothing that could be called a weapon. Just a leather strap with some sort of holster on the end.

Dawne continued down this train of thought for some time, lost in her own world, oblivious to the distant sound of voices, or a very distinctive pop...
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