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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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B153 - Steve Barnes Start

Steve was really not in a good mood. There's honestly no better way of putting it, without getting crude. But at least he was comfortable as he awoke, laying flat on his back, atop a rather soft patch of sand, on a nice stretch of beach; hardly the worst way to wake up, even if it is on the island you've got about a 300 to 1 chance of surviving on.

He lifted his body slowly, resting upon his elbows, and set about surveying the area further. Apparently the beach spread out for a good distance, and there were two girls with him. How they'd woken up first was beyond the young man, perhaps they'd managed to inhale less of the sedative, or something like that? Not that it really mattered, or was worth dwelling on. What was more important at that moment, to Steve himself at least, was the strange pressure he could feel on his abdomen. It didn't take him long to identify his daypack, and from that, decide to feel for the metal collar about his neck, and realise just where he was. For, although Steve himself wasn't much of a fan, many of his friends on the baseball team had been avid SotF viewers, and he knew enough from their conversations to realise that this was not a good thing.

And so, climbing to his feet and choosing to let his company remain unaware of his presence, the boy started to search through the pack. "Guide to Survival?" he mused, pushing the paper in question aside "Someone's got a cynical sense of humour..". It didn't take Steve long to realise that his situation wasn't the only thing that wasn't good, for as soon as he came across his False Moustache Kit, he grimaced and decided "Alrighty then, I'm done for."

With that unwelcome knowledge in mind, Boy 153 decided to try his hand at diplomacy, figuring that if one of the two girls had something useful, the three of them might just stand a chance together. He collected his equipment together, even the stupid joke of a "weapon", slung his pack over his right shoulder, and strode the short distance to where Bridget and Kimberly were talking. For a moment, he wondered if wearing one of the fake moustaches would have made a good ice-breaker, but it was a little too late for that, and he opted for the cautious semi-joke "You wouldn't believe the journey I just had..."
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