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G 119 Sally Connelly- Start

Sally opened her eyes and found herself staring straight up at a blue sky. A loud noise somewhere to her right was what had awoken her. She sat up and shook her blonde hair out. Whatever had made the noise was blocked from her vision at the moment due to the fact she found herself next to a rather large rock.

Sally got up from the ground as quickly as possible; she didn’t want to spend anymore time in the dirt than she already had. This vanity proved unwise and she wobbled before stabilizing herself on the boulder.

Sally hopped onto the rock and after a few tugs, she brought her pack up to sit beside her. She crossed her legs and tried to see if her shoes had been scuffed. Not much. At least the crazy bastards who had done this had the courtesy to mind her shoes, even if that same courtesy did not extend to her dress. She uncrossed her legs and began trying to brush off the dirt from her $300 dress. She knew the dress was of no great importance considering what she was currently up against, but focusing on that helped push down the fear that threatened to work its way to the surface and turn her into a crying, hysterical mess.

Well, looks like I’ve at least had the good fortune to wake up without a gun to my head.

Sally thought back on the orientation. The teachers, the students….the video.

Disgusting. All of it. Well I don’t have to worry about dying like she did. She must have been an absolute moron.

Sally unzipped her pack and felt around inside. Her fingers shook slightly. She had heard of Survival of the Fittest. She had even seen it once or twice. Not that she enjoyed that sort of thing, but she had to at least have a frame of reference for when other people brought it up. What she knew for certain was that unless she received a good weapon, she was going to be in for quite a difficult time.

From the pack she pulled a violin. Sally sighed and put the instrument under her chin.

Expensive and elegant, but for the most part, useless. How fitting.

Sally was brought out of her thoughts by the same noise that woke her. She lifted her head and saw a boy who seemed to be having a altercation with a fence.
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