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(Jonathan continued from "This one time, I had to use a lamp as a pillow")

Jon paused as he saw the kid, staying low to the ground like Alex, though it didn't help him much considering he still poked up obviously, he didn't know the weapon besides it being a sword and that really was enough. Alex explained his name was Peter and he was some catholic guy. That didn't tell Jon much besides he wasn't likely to pay the game, unless he was one of those fanatics who want all sinners dead, in which case Jon would.

"....aim for the knees..." Alex muttered as Jon shook his head, what he wasn't going to do that, that was stupid. Jon was about to mention this when Alex stood up, Jon doing as well. Alex pitched the idea toward Peter as Jon held on to the gun.

"Yeah, what Alex said, we're trying to escape, hopefully no more people would die, except Danya of course" Jon said as he spat at the name and glanced at Alex. "I know you don't like killing, but that bastard is going down, one way or another" Jon said as he glanced back at Peter. "So Peter, what's it gonna be?"
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