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((B137 - Roland Harte - Start))


Roland Harte jolted upwards off the floor, his eyes wide in suprise, his heart pounding. He blinked rapidly, dazed, head throbbing as the scream echoed throughout the darkened corridor he found himself in. He rolled on the hard floor, looking about in confusion for the source of the noise that had awakened him from his sleep. The corridor was empty, safe for a small lumpy backpack (His?) laying on the ground next to him.

"Dad...?" He called out deliriously into the darkness.

Shit... what... what the hell?

He swallowed and tasted bile in the back of his throat. He reached up to rub his eyes and felt his hand hit the cold metal of his glasses, a reassuring feeling in the sudden confusion.

Glasses. Why would I fall asleep with my glasses on? That voice was familiar.. I've heard it before, why does that sound famil- what's on my neck..?

As Roland's hand ran down his stubble covered face and touched the cool metal band around his neck, he felt his blood run cold. He knew what this was. The memories flooded back, invading his mind. He let out a halfgasp and felt the color drain from his face. Roland Harte sat in the darkness, heart pounding in his chest.

You know what's happened, you know what this means. Do or die Roland, you've entered the most important week of your life. Don't choke now.

Roland gulped and slide his hand back through his greasy black hair. He kept his eyes locked down the corridor and slid across the floor towards the pack, labeled B137. His eyes darted side to side.

Windows, no wait, mirrors? Where the hell am I?

Roland reached down and hurriedly unzipped the pack, rummaging about trying to find his weapon.

"Stay where you are, make no sudden movement!" He yelled down the hallway. He looked down, a flash of light rebounded off something in his pack, and Roland soon found himself holding a sharp bladed sword with a wavy blade .

Woah, talk about luck of the draw... alright focus Roland focus. Heheh... "The only easy day was yesterday..."
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