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(Alexander Campbell continues from "This one time, I had to use a lamp as a pillow.")

Alex walked through the overgrown grass towards the blinking dot on the reciever. Keeping low he tried to spot him, looking behind him to make sure Jonathan was still with him. He looked ahead to see Peter rising up from the grass, a sword strapped to the side of his daypack. "Fucking hell. That could do some damage." he murmured back at Jonathan.

He looked over the boy. "Peter something or other." he murmured to Jonathan. "Catholic kid. I used to take philosophy with him. We never spoke much, but he seemed smart enough." he said, looking forward again. Not the greatest sales pitch.

"Right. On three we stand up. If he tries to attack us..." he said "...try and aim for his knees or something..." he sighed. "Try and aim for the knees. Fuck man, i'm seventeen years old, why am I having this conversation." he said, shaking his head and sighing. "Right. 1... 2... 3." he said.

He stood up. "Hey!" he called out. "Danya's a cunt, and I'm not playing his game." he said. "I'm Alex, this is Jonathan." he said. "We want to talk." he said. He kept his own hands up, showing he was unarmed. Slowly he stepped forward.

"The way we figure it, you can play and almost definately die. Or you can try a third option." he said.

"We're going to try and find a way off this island." he said.
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