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(B043 Start, Omar Burton)

Omar had been walking around for awhile now, looking for other people. He had been one of the few in the bus not shocked by the video they'd shown... he'd seen every version of Survival Of The Fittest, and he had seen that specific scene several times. The Riz was one of the most popular characters in Version 3 on the fan sites that Omar went to, right behind Edward Sullivan, and, of course, Adam Dodd.

Adam Dodd and Bryan Calvert, the revered 'heroes'. What made them heroes, exactly? They were both mass murderers, plain and simple. Were they heroes simply because the people they killed were considered villains? That was bullshit. People should know by now that there was no such thing as heroism, not in this game.

There were the heroes who tried to escape- that never ended well. Either Danya just used the collars to kill them, or a player would come by, kill some of them and fuck the whole thing up. The other heroes- the ones who wouldn't kill until the end- they were even worse. That's not a hero, that's someone waiting to have the right moral justification for murder. All they were doing was biding their time, waiting for other people to kill off the people they needed to die, and then attacking themselves once there was few left and they could avoid guilt.

It was a coward's way to do it, and as much as Omar was a coward, he couldn't sink that low. Plus, the game was made for active people- if you wanted to get something done, you needed to be active. Every second you spent sitting around waiting was another second that the things you wanted to protect, wanted to defend, could be being attacked. Omar had only had one name running through his head as he had been on the island: Sierra Manning.

She was beautiful, she was funny, she was adorable, cute, nice, smart... she was everything that Omar wanted. She was the girl he loved. And she was the only one in that whole fucking shithole of a school who actually cared about him. The rest of them, if they did talk to Omar or about him, they talked down about them. They talked about what a freak he was, what a geek, what a nerd, what a fucking loser. So fuck them. He was going to make sure Sierra won this game, and if they got in his way... he'd kill them.

Of course he had qualms about it. Of course voices inside of him spoke up, protesting against this, telling him that it was wrong. From the day he was born, Omar had been taught that murder was wrong, that it was awful. But he didn't have time to discuss the moral problems of what he was doing, of whether or not it was justified. He needed to act quickly, and knowing that his actions were to protect Sierra was enough for him. He'd need a better weapon though- he'd checked the one he had, some sort of stone. He needed a fucking gun, not that piece of shit.

And then he spotted it, lying in a flowerbed in the town square. Standing next to it was a boy- Omar recognized him, had seen him in the hallways from time to time, but had no idea what his name was, or who he was really at all. He seemed to be preoccupied with his bag, and that was good. Omar quickly made his way towards him, only speaking when he was within a few feet of him, not stopping his walk.

"Hey, dude, are you alright?" An awkward, cool guy voice, not one Omar normally used. But he thought it would put this kid at ease. "Do you know if any-" Then Omar stopped speaking, and made a quick sprint towards the flowerbed, and reached for the gun. Sierra, this is all for you... all to protect you. If he could die for Sierra- and he knew that he could- he could definitely kill for her. And he would.

He quickly stepped backwards after grabbing the gun, fumbling to find the safety. He had only a working knowledge, but working it with his hands he was able to find the safety quickly. Turning it off, he pointed the gun at the boy in front of him, and fired. All for you, Sierra.
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