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Well, everything seemed greatish. Great enough. Bridget was still Bridget. Granted, she was acting a little strangely now, stripping her shirt off. Probably the dampness. Kimberly couldn't help noticing the scars on the other girl's body. Strange. It seemed like everyone was set on stripping in front of Kimberly lately. It couldn't have been two weeks since that awkward photo shoot thing... Kimberly was almost starting to wonder whether cosmic forces were attempting to tempt her into bisexuality. Not that it'd work.

"Don't worry about it," she responded to Bridget. It didn't mean anything. Bridget wasn't insane, just comfortable with herself. Kimberly was, however, a little worried about those scars. Where had they come from? She wasn't worried about her companion freaking out, just... Just what? What could it be? What could she possibly be anxious about?

It had to just be the situation. Life and death, even though she doubted it would come to that. She was starting to have another worry, though. Where was everyone else? What was the lay of the land? Where should she be going?

Kimberly was willing to trust that her classmates wouldn't start killing, but she wasn't about to believe that she was entirely safe. All it would take was for night to fall and be colder than she thought, or some horrible bug to poison her, and she'd be fucked without medical care. Hell, somebody was almost sure to get killed in this situation, even if nobody was attacking. One misstep, one unknown allergy, would be all it took.

Kimberly retrieved the map from her bag, saying, "Just a sec," to Bridget, and looked it over. It was quite a large area they were in. It looked like there should be plenty of cover, though, if it came to that. After a few seconds of pondering, she turned back to Bridget, a grin on her face.

"So," she said, "we're here. What the fuck do we do now?"
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