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(G077 - Andrea Raymer Start)

Sure. Every fanboy or fangirl had thought about it. Maybe they'd talked about it with friends as they watched the show. Maybe they'd done so online, joking around with other like-minded teenagers. Maybe they'd just daydreamed about it. But at one time or another, everyone who watched Survival of the Fittest had imagined what they'd do if it happened to them.

And Andrea Raymer was no different. She was, as she'd readily admit, a bit of a fangirl. She wasn't OBSESSED or anything, SOTF was just... matched to her personality. So she'd joked, she'd given it thought. When you were boasting on the Internet, it was easy to talk about how awesome you'd be. She'd posted on a couple message boards how she'd pop up, ready to go with a sarcastic one-liner, and how she'd totally be the next Dodd or Calvert (Not the next Riz, though, that dude was a fucking nutball). Other kids had talked about how they'd come up with genius escape plans, or how they'd be badass assassins, or how they'd go all the way and come face-to-face with Danya only to beat his ass.

Andrea didn't think anyone had ever said they'd begin the game lying on their ass in the middle of a forest, wondering where their other flip-flop was. And she sure as hell didn't think anyone had imagined their first words to the SOTF-watching public being "ughhhhghhhhbleeeergh".



God, she was groggy. Well OK, that made sense. She was always groggy when she woke up, at least until she got her daily stimulation going. Andrea Raymer was not a morning person. She just needed some coffee, or a Red Bull, or a couple pills, and she'd be raring to go.

Wait, raring to go for what, exactly?

Andrea blinked. She was lying on her back on the ground, and her glasses were crazy askew on her forehead. Well that didn't make any sense. Why had she gone to sleep with her glasses on?


She raised her head and saw her legs splayed out in front of her. Not to mention that she was still wearing her clothes. Including her flip-flops. One of them, at least. Why had she gone to sleep with her shoes on?

And while she was at it, why were there trees all around her? What, did she sleep through the whole bus ride and now it was the next morning? Did they just dump everyone out of the buses once they got there?

"This sucks."

Yup. Wait, she hadn't said that. She thought. She wasn't alert enough to form complete sentences yet, even those as basic as "This sucks". Andrea did something vaguely resembling a sit-up, pushing her glasses down as she did. A jolt shot through her brain, and she shut her eyes, pressing her fingers to her forehead in an attempt to stem the sudden headache.

"OH-GO-FUCK! My head!"

Well, there was an approximation of a sentence, at least. Maybe once that pain subsided, she could start figuring shit out.

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