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Bridget let out a small laugh as Kimberly talked. It was a forced one, but she felt the need to do so, to keep the atmosphere light. Bayview was a peaceful school, for the most part, and while Bridget honestly hoped that Kimberly was right, and that no one would kill each other, she had her doubts. People get scared. Accidents happen. The scariest thought however, was that people can change. When put into a high stress situation, the pressure could be too much for some of them to handle. Some of them might gleefully kill others. It was hard to see into someone's mind.

She didn't share any of these thoughts with Kimberly. Kimberly seemed to have convinced herself that everything was going to be okay, and Bridget didn't want to ruin that for her. A breeze picked up, sending a shiver up the redhead's arm, reminding her that it was wet. She should probably take care of that. She placed her bags on the ground.

For a brief second, Bridget hesitated before removing her tops, revealing a plain white bra underneath, peeling the red t-shirt from the longer black shirt. She worked quickly, but there was a long enough interval that Kimberly would probably see the various scars she had on her body from her parkour. Quickly she put the t-shirt back on, leaving her arms exposed. Tossing the black shirt into the duffel bag, she shouldered her bags again.

"Sorry," she said to Kimberly. "Probably should have warned you I was going to do that."
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