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"Just a few more minutes..." Peter mumbled as the light seeping through his eyelids overwhelmed the dark of sleep. Once he woke up, there'd be a new day to face. If he could just get a little longer to collect himself and plan out the day before getting up, then everything would be- wait a minute.
No, it wasn't a nightmare. Yes, it's real. Stop thinking silly thoughts. Game face on, NOW.
The bed under his body was too hard. There wasn't a warm blanket over him. He was wearing his jeans and shoes. Things just weren't adding up. Peter opened his eyes and bolted up from the ground. Green grass and blue sky surrounded him. Nearby, about two meters away, were his camping backpack and a smaller daypack, tagged "B004".

Right. Survival of the Fittest.
Is there a prize for being slow at figuring things out? I think I just won it.
Peter couldn't help but laugh. Just a few days before the trip, he had been browsing through his usual forum lurks, and happened across a thread discussing the statistics of Survival of the Fittest. Some kid had gotten all worried about an upcoming school trip, and the forum-goers had assured him that the chance of actually getting kidnapped was on the order of 0.05%. The dice clearly hadn't been on Peter's side then.

There were a lot of things to digest, like the fact that he was now in a life or death situation which would very likely result in the death of himself and everyone else in his class, or that he might have to partake in some of the killing. He remembered the little introduction demonstration Danya had put up for them. The smell of blood, the sounds of crying, the sight of death, all of those lingered in the back of his mind. But now was not the time to mull it over.
So when is? Don't run from this.
Peter went over to his backpack. He hadn't seen it earlier from where he had been dropped, but now he could see the sword that apparently was his assigned weapon. Probably better than a gun anyway, considering how bad his aim was. It had a long curved blade, but the style was not anything Peter was familiar with. Considering the kind of joke weapons he had seen in Version 3 of Survival of the Fittest, a sword was at least a passable weapon.

He put the thoughts of the sword aside and started to rummage through his backpack and the daypack. Peter hadn't brought as much of the outdoors gear as he had, like the ball of twine or the unbreakable water bottle. Not that it mattered since they had apparently taken his first aid kit, survival kit, and pocketknife. "Dammit," he muttered after a few minutes of trying to find the tools. They could've been useful, and not just for killing. At least they left his clothes and the snacks he had packed, two bags of sour cream and onion chips. Peter rummaged for a few more moments until his hands closed over a small hard object. "At least I got to keep my vodka and rum." His hiking boots were at the bottom of the backpack, so he pulled them out and swapped them with his runners. No sense carrying around extra weight and walking in sub-optimal footwear.

The daypack had a few of the useful survival tools that had been in his survival kit, so at least Peter wasn't totally lost in the woods. There was also a first-aid kit, which had far more things in it than Peter's own confiscated one had. Guess he couldn't complain too much about what they supplied. The rations and the water rounded out the supplies in the daypack. After clearing a little bit of room at the top of his backpack, he crammed the little daypack into the larger backpack. He'd packed a lot more than was necessary for a long expedition, but Peter didn't want to just leave his stuff out here in the middle of the tall grass.
I gotta stop stalling. There's a lot more to this than just hiking. Gotta put it all into perspective.
Finally, he strapped the sword onto the side of the backpack. Not the best place to put it for easy access, but nobody was nearby so there was no danger for the moment. He shouldered the large backpack, grunting at surprise over how much heavier it had gotten. At best, he could hike for about three hours with something this heavy. Hopefully, he'd find a place to rest and store unnecessary gear by then. After that, he could worry about the rest of the game.
Not later. Now, or else later is going to be when I'm staring down the barrel of a gun.

B036: Benjamin Ward: "Sh-shut the fuck up. Or I'll k-kick your ass."
B047: Marcus Leung: "Let's start by staying calm."


Rest in peace

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