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(G114-Rena Peters- Start)

Rena clutched her head, and sat up weakly. Her world was spinning, and she felt dazed and nauseous. What was going on? Why couldn't she remember anything?

She managed to sit up straight after a moment, and looked at her surroundings. None of this seemed familiar. Woods? Why was she in the woods, wasn't she supposed to be on her trip?

Something snapped in her head suddenly, and she felt another wave of spinning rack her head. She placed her left hand on the ground, grabbing it desperately for some sort of support. The room, being tied to chairs, those people with masks that video!

Bile rose in her throat, and she swallowed it down, telling herself to be calm. Those people had killed her teachers. She could still see the blood. Try as she did, Rena couldn't erase the pictures out of her mind. She felt several tears slide down her cheeks.

Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry, don't cry.

Like it would do any good.

Rena breathed deeply. Survival of the Fittest. She'd heard of that before. Something that her brother Jake had told her about, right? A show where high school students kill each other to see who lives to the end. The very thought of such a show existing, of people watching it had made her sick. Now she was on it.

She let go of her head, finally taking in her surroundings. Trees. She gingerly brought her fingers up to her neck, where a tight collar was secured. Another flash of thought screamed through her head. Her locket. She ran her fingers across her neck, searching for the gold locket she'd worn for years. Gone. They'd taken her locket? Or maybe it'd just fallen off?

Rena shook her head. She was freaking out, she could feel her breath getting harder and faster paced. But sitting still in one place was going to get her killed. She knew that. Slowly she stood. Another wave of dizziness crossed her, and she leaned against a tree. She closed her eyes and counted to three. When she opened them, reality had returned.


Rena took another look around, finally spotting something on the ground. She moved towards the object, a duffel bag, which was laying next to the one she had brought. She pawed gently through her own belongings. Nothing of use, besides a jacket. She tore her eyes from her bag to the new one.

"Girl 114."

She was nothing more than a number. Rena begged herself not to cry again. Things were going to be okay. Gently, she unzipped the duffel and looked around in it. A map, food, some sort of book, and...

A giant club?

She pulled the club out of the bag, simply looking at it. Great. Two thoughts immediately passed through her mind. The first was that this weapon would cause a lot of blood to pour out of a persons head. The second was that she was never going to use it.

Rena knew she needed a strategy, but her head was reeling, and it was still too hard for her to think straight. She slowly stood, hanging the new duffel around her shoulder, and heading forwards.

She thought about pulling out the map, but then realized that even if she did have it she wouldn't know what places where safe or not. She silently cursed and pushed forward.

Not five minutes had passed when she heard the voice.

"Wh-Who's there? I was assigned a gun and I'm not afraid to use it."

Rena stopped dead in her tracks. Someone had heard her. Someone with a gun had heard her. She thought of pulling out her club, thought of turning and running away, thought of simply giving up and dying right then and there.

But something inside her made her talk.

"I don't want to hurt you!"

It then occurred to her that it was very possible that this girl didn't care whether or not Rena was wanted to hurt her and was going to shoot anyway. Her hear raced, and, out of some desperation, she spoke again.

"I'm...Rena? Rena Peters! Who...who are you?"

She hoped to God this didn't get her killed.
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