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(B032-Remi Pierce start)

Remi woke up in pain as he looked around, he was on a mountain ledge. His duffel bag and crutch were nowhere to found, probaly fallen off the ledge when he woke up as Remi cursed his luck. He was stuck in the middle of nowhere and his leg and arm were useless.

He remembered where he was then, Survival of the Fittest, the most controversial thing on tv. He was now part of it. Remi painfully tried to move so he could reach his duffel bag, opening it with his free hand as he gritted his teeth and pulled out something metal. A knife of some sort, it reminded him of the kind he saw in some samurai play.

He lifted it up to his collar, he knew he was told not to mess with them, but if he was going to survive and win, he would need the damn thing off, let him travel through the danger zones. Remi paused, thinking this over. He was crippled, his weapon need close-range, so the open room would help him a lot, allow him to sneak up on people so he could finish this. He nodded as he moved the knife toward the collar. He pryed at it as a mechanism in the collar activated, activating the explosives.

Remi's body fell back down, his neck destroyed by the collar, his head lying to the side as blood leaked out of the large wound

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